You’ll Need To Pay $9 For A TraceTogether Token If You Lose It More Than Once

Lost TraceTogether Token Replacement Costs $9 The 2nd & Subsequent Times

If you were that student who lost their EZ-Link card often, you’d probably be concerned about the same thing happening to your TraceTogether (TT) token.


Well, now there’s a reason to be on heightened alert, as replacing the token may cost you if you lose it 2 or more times.

And since you’d need it to enter most public places, you’d want to read on to find out about the consequences.

First replacement of TraceTogether token is free

The initial distribution of the TT token saw long queues at many community clubs and centres (CCs) across Singapore.

The sight was expected since the token came at no cost.

Unfortunately, not all things can remain free forever. On Thursday (3 Jun), Smart Nation Singapore shared information regarding TT token replacement.


They clarified that while losing it once will get you a free replacement at any CC, the subsequent times won’t be as lucky.

Individuals who lose their tokens more than once will have to pay $9 for a new one.

No charge if battery or token is faulty

However, do note that the charge is only for those who’ve lost their tokens multiple times.

According to the Token Go Where website, tokens with low battery, or ones that are faulty or damaged, can be replaced for free.

Hence, if you show up at a CC with any of the above issues, you can get a new token at no charge.

Here are the places where you can get replacement tokens:

  • CCs: 10am-6pm daily, except Public Holidays
  • Void deck CCs: 2pm-6pm daily, except Public Holidays
  • TT Token Replacement Booth in malls: Same operating hours as the mall

Hold your TraceTogether token close

Since no one would want to fork out money for an avoidable mistake, we’d suggest holding your TT token close to reduce the risk of losing it.

Find ways to keep it safely secured to you, such as attaching a lanyard or keychain.

With SafeEntry seemingly the new way of life anyway, you might as well turn it into an everyday accessory.

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Featured image adapted from Smart Nation Singapore on Facebook.

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