TRS editors were handed the summons while walking to a pre-trial conference


Today (18 May), the couple behind sociopolitical website The Real Singapore (TRS), Yang Kaiheng and Ai Takagi, were heading to a pre-trial conference, when they were served justice by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

SPH just brings a whole new meaning to You Just Got Served.

What’s SPH’s deal with TRS?

On top of reporting falsehoods and making seditious remarks in their articles, the TRS couple are apparently content thieves as well.

In the writ of summons, SPH claims that the couple infringed its copyright by reproducing content without their permission.

Yang and Takagi are currently in the middle of dealing with the consequences of seven seditious articles, and now have another suit to contend with.

The fate of TRS

We don’t yet know what they stole from SPH, so we’re just gonna leave everyone with portions of the Intellectual Property Law to predict their verdict a bit more fairly:


While we sit back and wait for the next episode of “TRS stole SPH’s stuff”, tell us what you think is next in line for TRS!

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With references from The Straits Times