Pair Of S’porean Twins Separated At Birth For 69 Years; One Now Hopes To Find The Other

Pair Of S’porean Twins Were Separated For 69 Years

Twins have an uncanny knack for finishing each other’s sentences, or creating an unbreakable bond with each other. But for this pair of Singaporean twins separated at birth 69 years ago, Ms Tan never got to share that with her elder twin sister.

She has never, however, given up on the search to find her long lost sibling.

Ms Tan’s daughter, and Ms Tan taking a selfie

Now the torch has been passed onto her daughter, who is calling on the power of social media to reunite the two, in a touching post made on Saturday (8 Jun).

To add to a possibly joyous reunion, they will be joined by their other sister who’s recovering from cancer.

Twins separated at birth in 1950

Back in 1950, Ms Tan’s mother Ms Goh Meow Sit, and father Mr Tan Ser Liang, welcomed twin baby girls on 13 April, a whopping 69 years ago.


For unspecified reasons, both siblings didn’t get to spend much time together before Ms Tan was separated from her twin sister.

Ms Tan would be the younger of 2 sisters, but they were born identical.

Looks exactly like her sister

Their missing twin sister Ms Tan Sock Hia would have been the 7th child in a long line of 8 children.


Ms Tan’s daughter also shares that she would b turning 69 this year. Her auntie would look exactly identical to her mother.

DM Ms Tan on Facebook if you can help

Do note that her name may have been changed, but genetics would dictate that if she were an identical twin, she would look exactly the same as Ms Tan.

You can reach out to Ms Tan on their Facebook page here if you have more information about the case.

A joyful reunion after a lifetime of separation

A beautiful conclusion to this tale of separation and loss, would be for a joyful reunion to occur between the long-lost sibling and her family.

They have both led long and meaningful lives, but would appreciate spending their precious time left getting to know each other.

We wish the Tan family a fruitful search and hope that after 69 long years, the two twin sisters will be able to pull the threads on their indelible connection to find their way back to each other again.

Featured image from Facebook.

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