Ugly Personalised Portrait Drawings By Singapore Artist Sell Out On Shopee

Though artistic skills might not always come so easy to some people, it doesn’t mean they should shy away from pursuing their interests.

One Singaporean artist proves that despite drawing in an unconventional manner, others might still find the beauty in it.

She has been selling drawings labelled as “Ugly Crappy Personalised Custom Portrait Drawings Fan Art” on Shopee and has since gotten many fans.


The high demand has even resulted in the portraits selling out.

Artist’s ugly portraits sell out on Shopee

Laura, the artist behind the ugly portraits currently has a 5-star rating, out of 25 buyers on Shopee.

Those who are interested can simply send the artist a picture and it will be drawn “horribly” for them, as explained in the product description box.


In her Shopee listing, Laura explained that she had to increase the prices of her drawings due to overwhelming orders. Furthermore, it was a one-woman show.

Her sister has also been helping her with digital drawings on her iPad.


Each drawing is currently sold between $2.50 to $7, depending on how many people need to be drawn.

Pet owners can also send in pictures of their fur kids for the artist to illustrate.

The waiting time for the drawings is currently 2 weeks due to a large number of orders the artist has received.

Artist’s ugly portraits gain positive reviews from buyers

Since the artist started selling ugly portraits on Shopee, the account has had a 5-star rating with many positive reviews.

Many buyers mentioned the drawings were very detailed and said they were not ugly at all.


They also praised the artist’s talent and creativity.


Overall, it seems like the drawings made the days of many buyers.


Though currently marked as ‘sold out’, Laura said she will be releasing more orders on 29 Oct. Those interested should follow her Instagram page @uglycrappydrawings for more announcements.

Inspired by Malaysian ugly portrait artist

Speaking to MS News, Laura said she was inspired to provide the service after stumbling upon a Malaysian artist who also drew uglified portraits.

About 3 months ago, Laura discovered that such a service hadn’t existed in Singapore yet after browsing through Shopee Singapore. She then decided to give it a try and has since sold 95 drawings.

Laura shared that she particularly enjoys illustrating people with facial hair but struggles with drawing hands. But since she’s in the uglifying business, this has, in turn, become a strength.

There are many ways to uglify someone. For Laura, her ‘signature move’ involves the addition of nose hair. The rationale is pretty self-explanatory:

Nose hair never looks good on anyone.

Reflecting on her side business, Laura said it’s “pretty amazing” that she’s able to bring smiles to people’s faces through her art and said she’ll continue drawing ugly portraits as long as there are people who enjoy them.

Place your orders early

We’re glad to see so many people supporting the local artist and buying her drawings. Perhaps this could encourage more people to draw, even if they don’t think it looks good.

For those who are interested in buying the drawings, do follow Laura on Instagram for more updates.

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Featured image adapted from nyanpoo on Shopee