Uncle Caught Stealing Durian From Jurong Shop, Seller Hopes He Won’t Do It Again

Uncle Caught Stealing Durian At HoJiak Durian & Fruits In Jurong East

Durians are in season which means popular durian varieties are on sale for just a few bucks. You’ve probably been queuing for hours to get your hands on the king of fruit, but that’s a lot better than stealing them from behind closed doors.

On Thursday (23 Jun), HoJiak Durian & Fruits shared CCTV footage of an uncle stealing from their Jurong East shop.

While some business owners may get upset and complain, the seller simply expressed their hope that the uncle won’t do it again.

Uncle caught stealing durian from Jurong East shop

On Thursday (23 Jun), HoJiak Durian & Fruits shared CCTV footage of an apparent theft that occurred at their Jurong East shop the evening before (22 Jun) at around 5.15pm.

At the start of the clip, a masked, seemingly middle-aged uncle entered the back of the shop and noticed several baskets of durian covered in plastic.

stealing durian

Source: HoJiak Durian & Fruits on Facebook

He initially walked past them, appearing like an unassuming passer-by.

stealing durian 1

Source: HoJiak Durian & Fruits on Facebook

However, perhaps upon realising that there was nobody around, the uncle turned back and headed to the baskets of durians, where he quickly grabbed the first fruit he could reach.

stealing durian 2

Source: HoJiak Durian & Fruits on Facebook

He left the shop in a hurry, evidently unaware that a CCTV camera had captured his actions clear as day.

Source: HoJiak Durian & Fruits on Facebook

Seller warns uncle

In the same post, HoJiak Durian & Fruits explained that they had found some durians missing from a basket when they opened for business that morning.

Source: HoJiak Durian & Fruits on Facebook

The discovery likely prompted them to check their CCTV footage, which revealed the perpetrator.

Rather than call the uncle out, the durian seller simply left a “gentle reminder” for him not to do it again.

Don’t resort to stealing

Though the uncle appeared to have walked away with only one durian and without having to face any consequences, we’re sure it still affected the sellers in some way.

He was lucky that they decided to let him off the hook, but one cannot assume the same should they commit a similar act.

So no matter how much of something you may want or need, don’t resort to stealing, as it could affect a business and possibly even land you in trouble.

In the uncle’s case, we hope that the seller’s reminder resonates with him and he’ll avoid stealing again.

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Featured image adapted from HoJiak Durian & Fruits on Facebook

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