Uncle Voluntarily Cleans Tables At Telok Blangah Market, Resident Thanks Him With Small Angbao

Uncle Lost His Job Recently & Voluntarily Cleans Tables At Market To Help Out

While Singaporeans often frequent markets and kopitiams, we don’t often think about the people keeping these places clean and comfortable for us to dine at.

At the break of day on Wednesday (24 Feb), a resident visited Telok Blangah Market and was surprised by the rows of spanking clean tables that greeted him.

Turns out, an elderly uncle had been helping to clean the tables of his own accord. Touched by his actions, the resident took to Facebook to share the wholesome encounter.

Uncle voluntarily cleans marketSource

The man felt so grateful towards the helpful uncle that he decided to gift him with a small angbao as a sign of appreciation.

Resident pleasantly surprised by clean tables in the wee hours

In the wee hours of Wednesday (24 Feb), a resident arrived at Telok Blangah Market and was pleasantly surprised to find row after row of clean tables.

Uncle voluntarily cleans marketSource

In his Facebook post, he expressed that usually at such an early timing, tables will be strewn with leftover food, cutleries and beer bottles.

These are typically left behind by late-night drinking revellers or early risers after their breakfast.

Under normal circumstances, the mess will only be cleared when the cleaners come in at around 7am.

But for the past few days, he has been greeted by columns of clean tables even before the cleaners’ arrival.

Limping uncle was cleaning and clearing tables

This morning, the resident spotted the person responsible for the clean tables — a limping uncle moving around the market, clearing tables of food and used tissues.

He even collected the trays and cutleries, stacking them neatly at the tray return stations.


The man also realised that he wasn’t dressed in any uniform. Neither was he using a pushcart or any cleaning equipment for that matter.

Uncle voluntarily cleans market to “make himself useful”

Curious, the man approached the uncle to thank him for his efforts.

Through their conversation, the man learned that the uncle is actually a nearby resident.

Having lost his job recently, he decided to make himself useful and help clean the market before the cleaners arrive.

The man was extremely moved by the uncle’s actions and decided to show his gratitude by giving him an angbao. 

Concluding his Facebook post, he shared that the uncle had made his day and was truly a hero we do not deserve.

Be a responsible citizen

Kudos to the kind uncle for going out of his way to keep the market clean for users, especially so early in the morning.

Such individuals are indeed the unsung heroes amongst us that help keep Singapore the clean and green city it is.

This incident also shines light on how every Singaporean needs to play their role and be a socially-responsible citizen, cleaning up after themselves.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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