Uncle With Depression Lives In House With No Furniture, Kind Singaporeans Offer Help Right Away

Many of us face difficult problems, but it’s nice to know that fellow Singaporeans have got your back.

On Friday (3 Jul), welfare organisation Hopes in Meal posted a request to help a 60-year-old uncle diagnosed with depression. He lived alone in a unit with no furniture.


Many kind netizens immediately responded to the elder’s plight so the request was closed in less than 24 hours.

But the speedy response of fellow Singaporeans never fails to warm our hearts.

Uncle with depression needs furniture

The story begins when a volunteer discovered a 60-year old uncle who had suicidal thoughts. He was diagnosed with depression by a doctor.

Shortly after, the Hopes In Meals organisation found that the uncle’s HDB had little to no furniture. He currently eats, sits, and sleeps on the floor while facing the blank 4 walls of his apartment.


To resolve the situation, they urged netizens to provide the following:

  • Fan
  • Bed and bedframe
  • Pillow
  • TV
  • TV Stand
  • Taps leaking (Anyone who is able to help him fix the tap)
  • Sheng Shiong vouchers
  • Table and chairs

Hopes In Meals assists uncle

The welfare organisation encouraged netizens to respond because the uncle seemed pessimistic.

By lending a hand, they wished to provide him hope and remind him that locals are always ready to give a helping hand.

Hopes In Meals volunteers also committed to delivering daily meals every day. Since their volunteers would drop by often to chat, they’re hoping he wouldn’t feel lonely.

Meanwhile, they also reached out to Social Service Office and Fei Yue Family Service Centre for support.

Netizens rush to help

Once Hopes In Meals posted the request, netizens rushed to the uncle’s aid.

On Saturday (4 July), the welfare organisation closed their request and thanked local sponsors who have offered to help.

We’re happy to know that this story has a happy ending. Thanks to kind-hearted Singaporeans, the uncle seems to be on the road to recovery and have access to a proper support system.

Looking for volunteers

Hopes In Meals regularly posts requests concerning locals that need assistance on their Facebook page.

Currently, it seems that they are looking for volunteers with cars.

They need vehicles to deliver and distribute packed meals to beneficiaries at Bukit Batok. Interested volunteers can message them on Facebook.

Support for mental illnesses

Depression is a serious mental health issue. When you suspect that someone is suffering from mental illness, seek assistance from Institute of Mental Health (IMH). This way, they can get diagnosed by a doctor or psychiatrists and seek proper medication.

We sincerely wish that the uncle will conquer his depression and recover soon.

Featured image from Facebook and MyCommunity. Picture on left is for illustration purposes only.