Viral Video Of Crocodile Attacking Stray Dog Happened In M’sia, S’porean Debunks Changi Location Rumors

Viral Video Of Crocodile Attacking Stray Dog On Shoreline Happened In Malaysia

Crocodiles have come under the limelight in recent times for their occasional appearances at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Hikers Approach Resting Crocodile In Sungei Buloh To Take Pictures, Photographer Warns Of Danger

Although these dangerous animals move lazily, a recent viral video is a warning for everyone to not take these predators for granted.

In the short clip, a group of stray dogs can be seen gathered around a crocodile off the shore of a beach before the reptile dragged one of the canines into sea.

Many netizens have since speculated that the incident took place in Changi. However, a Singaporean recently put these rumours to bed, pointing out that the incident happened in Sabah, Malaysia.

Viral video shows crocodile attacking pack of stray dogs, dragging one into sea

In the video clip, a pack of stray dogs were seen loitering around a crocodile on an unknown beach shore.

Despite the dogs’ constant pestering, the crocodile remained stoic and unmoving.

After lulling them into a false sense of security, the reptile pounces and bites one of the dogs, pulling it back into the open sea.

Crocodile Attacking

Source: Facebook

The other dogs were helpless after the attack, barking desperately into the vastness of the ocean.

Crocodile Attacking

Source: Facebook

The video ends as the camera pans around, as the dogs remain clueless about what had just happened.

Netizens clarify that incident took place in Sabah, Malaysia

As with any viral video, misinformation and rumours about the encounter can soon spread. In this case, some netizens claimed that the attack happened in the Changi or Tanah Merah area.

On Monday (13 Jun), local wildlife enthusiast, Bernard Seah, reshared the post while debunking such rumours.

In the post, Mr Seah shared that the video was taken behind a fence at a resort in Sabah, Malaysia.

He also pointed out that crocodiles are often “opportunistic ambush hunters” and would strike when the time is right.

Despite these warnings, many Singaporeans would often tempt their fate by attempting to snap photos or even selfies when these creatures appear in local areas.

He ends the post by advising members of the public to respect these creatures and keep a safe distance from them.

Stay away from crocodile

While the location shown in the video does bear some resemblance to our beaches, one should not assume that to be the case.

As disturbing as the video might be to some people, it only depicts the cruelty of the natural world.

If you happen to find yourself near a crocodile, be sure to stay away and not tempt your fate like the poor dog.

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Featured image adapted fromMad Ali on Facebook.

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