Kopitiam Manager Treats Pregnant Lady To Pepper Lunch After She Had Difficulties Topping Up Card

Kopitiam Manager At VivoCity Pays For Pregnant Lady’s Pepper Lunch Meal

Kind Samaritans surprise us with their gestures when we least expect it, often times brightening and making our days.

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On Wednesday (22 Dec), a pregnant lady took to Facebook to share how a staff at the Vivocity Kopitiam food court treated her to a Pepper Lunch meal.


Apparently, the Kopitiam manager had told the lady that it’d be preferable if she paid using cash. However, she only had her credit card and phone at the time.

Pregnant lady craved Pepper Lunch at VivoCity Kopitiam

The wholesome incident happened on Wednesday (22 Dec) when the pregnant lady visited the Kopitiam food court at VivoCity.


According to the caption, the lady was heavily pregnant, hungry, and badly craving Pepper Lunch. She quickly went to buy a Kopitiam card from one of the machines.

Seeing a Kopitiam manger by the machine, the lady asked if credit card payment was accepted.

However, the manager subsequently told her that it would be better to pay using cash.

Desperate and hungry, the lady asked if she could transfer the manager $20 through PayNow in exchange for the same amount of cash.

Instead, the manager strangely told her to proceed with her Pepper Lunch order and that he will assist her soon.

Kopitiam manager pays for pregnant lady’s Pepper Lunch meal

After placing her order, the manager asked if she wanted to add more dishes. The manager then proceeded to pay using his own Kopitiam card.


On the verge of transferring the funds to the manger, she was surprised when he told her that the meal was on him.

Grateful, she decided to post about the manager’s kind deed on Facebook.

She commented that it was really sweet for the manager to be so kind towards a complete stranger and said she was extremely thankful to have met him that day.

Kudos to the manager for going the extra mile

It is heartening to see people helping one another, especially those in need.

Kudos to the manager for his wonderful service and for going the extra mile.

Having said that, perhaps it isn’t such a bad idea to have some extra cash with us at all times, just in case.

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Featured image adapted from Pamela Loh on Facebook and Google Maps

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