Boy Made A Paper Watch When He Can’t Afford A Real One

Many of us are fortunate enough to take common items like watches for granted.

However, for a young street vendor from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, watches are a luxury he simply can’t afford.

Despite his predicament, the boy stayed true to his love for watches, making one from paper himself.


One man took notice of it and decided to buy the young boy a real watch. He later shared the moving encounter on Facebook.


We translate and summarise the post below.

Boy made watch out of paper

On 5 Jan, a Malaysian man shared on Facebook that he had met a young boy who was working as a street vendor selling keropok. 

He was apparently accompanied by his wheelchair-bound uncle at the time.

watch paperSource

The man then caught sight of an interesting paper ‘watch’ on the boy’s hand.

According to Malay Mail, the boy explained that he loved watches but could not afford them. Hence, he decided to DIY his own ‘watch’.

Man buys boy a real watch

Saddened by the boy’s predicament, the man decided to buy him an actual watch.

The man subsequently brought the boy and his uncle to a nearby watch store and told him to choose a timepiece that he fancies.

Upon hearing this, the boy was incredulous and said he couldn’t pay for it.

When the man reassured him that he would pay for it, the boy even offered to give him some keropok.

Later, the boy got to choosing and eventually settled on a red-and-black watch.

watch paperSource

When he strapped it onto his hand, tears welled up in his uncle’s eyes.

watch paperSource

Both the boy and his uncle repeatedly asked the man if he was sure of gifting the watch, reported Malay Mail.

When the man reassured them of his decision, the boy also burst into tears.

Left the man teary-eyed

The encounter was an emotional one that left the man teary-eyed himself.

Reflecting on the incident, the man said that he hasn’t felt this touched in a long time.

In his Facebook post, he reminded those around him that however challenging our circumstances are, there are others out there who have greater struggles than us.

Ending off, the man prayed that the boy and his uncle would stay healthy and safe.

Kudos to the kind man

Kudos to the kind man for forking out money to buy the young boy an actual watch, especially during such economically challenging times.

It’s incidents like this that truly encourage and show people the common bond of humanity that we share.

We are certain that the man made the boy’s day and that the watch will remain on the young hawker’s wrist for a long long time.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.