Whampoa Resident Says Sorry To Security Guard In Person, But Generous Uncle Already Forgave Him

Whampoa Condo Dispute Teaches Us To Respect Our Security Guards Who Keep Us Safe

As the Whampoa condo dispute comes to a head, police have stated that they’ll be investigating the case involving Mr Ramesh Erramalli and Mr Steven Heng.

Mr Ramesh was caught on camera using profanities on Mr Heng, while reasoning that he “f*cking bought his property for $1.5 million” after learning that a $10 overnight parking fee was due.

Mr Ramesh has since met with the senior security guard Mr Heng to make amends, according to a Facebook post by the Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA).

Here’s what went down during the emotionally charged meeting on Wednesday (30 Oct) evening.


Emotionally charged apology by remorseful resident

Condo resident Mr Ramesh met with security supervisor Mr Heng on Wednesday evening, in the presence of other officials.

Mr Ramesh was described as “very remorseful”, issuing multiple apologies to Mr Heng throughout the hour-long meeting.


The duo allegedly had a prior relationship, as Mr Ramesh addressed Mr Heng comfortably as “Uncle Steven”. Ramesh shared that he knew Uncle Steven “quite well” and had struck up conversations while he was “patrolling the estate” before.

Security uncle helped resident with water tap before

The Whampoa condo resident recalled an earlier incident where Ramesh had “an issue with the water tap” in his house, and contacted security. Uncle Steven turned up at his door step to help, and was acknowledged as,

A very humble and good security supervisor and he did not mean to hurt or harm him in any way.

Ramesh explained his outburst by claiming that he was worked up over the rule of $10 overnight parking fees, and possibly took out the anger on Uncle Steven in an unhealthy way.

Security guard had already forgiven resident wholeheartedly

Uncle Steven, generously affirmed Ramesh’s account, and said he recalled Mr Ramesh calling him affectionately by “Uncle Steven”, and occasionally sharing a “friendly chat” or two on his patrol rounds.

Mr Heng described Ramesh as “a friendly and approachable resident” and as of the meeting had already “forgiven Mr Ramesh wholeheartedly”.

Uncle Steven thanked Ramesh for “coming personally to apologise” and urged the public to forgive the man, and forget the unfortunate incident.

Respecting those who keep us safe

This incident is indeed a timely reminder for us to remember to show all security personnel around the island the respect they deserve.


Keeping our neighbourhoods safe isn’t an easy job, and for the sake our dedicated service providers on the frontline, perhaps more can be done to educate residents on abiding by estate rules, to prevent placing them in difficult positions.

The safety, security and integrity of our nation depends on it. We salute Uncle Steven’s graciousness and dedication, and hope the matter comes to a close soon.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.

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