S’pore Wild Boar Family Gets Chin Rubs From Man, Netizens Say He Should Leave Them Alone

Wild Boar Family Gets Chin Rubs From Man But Netizens Advise To Maintain A Distance

There have been more sightings of wild boars in our community recently.

Although some encounters were of a friendly nature, others unfortunately resulted in serious injuries.

2 Injured By Wild Boar At Punggol HDB Blocks, 20 People Activated For Search

So it came as a total surprise when a wild boar and piglets were seen getting chin rubs and pets from a man on Monday (29 Mar).


Even though the creatures were harmless in the video, netizens advised members of the public to keep a safe distance for everyone’s safety.

Wild boar family gets pets from man

In a Facebook post on Singapore Wildlife Sightings on Monday (29 Mar), a man shared a clip of his encounter with a wild boar family.

In the video, the wild boar – presumably the mother of the piglets – was seen scavenging for food in the grass.


The family ended up receiving plenty of lovin’ in the form of chin rubs and pets from the man.


Thankfully, the wild boar was docile and receptive towards the man’s gestures.


It seemed comfortable in the human friend’s presence, as it plopped over onto the ground midway — in absolute bliss.

The man claimed in the video that he had “befriended” the wild boar since it was a tiny piglet. Perhaps this explains why the animal was so receptive towards his advances.

Netizens caution people to leave wild boars alone

Due to the recent wild boar attacks, people are more cautious when approaching wild boars now — and rightfully so.

One person mentioned that the man should have maintained a safe distance from the wild boar as recommended by the National Parks Board (NParks).


According to this lady, she emphasised that humans should not be disturbing wildlife creatures regardless of how “docile they seem to be”.


Apparently, their animalistic instincts will help them thrive on their own terms without much help from humans. Doing so might hinder and disrupt nature’s ecosystem instead.

Another person brought up a valid point that being too friendly towards the wildlife isn’t advisable in the long run, as this may condition them to approach humans more readily.


While these animals may not hold ill intentions by doing so, we have to understand that some people have a phobia of animals and would not want any close encounters with them.

Err on the side of caution with wildlife

As adorable as some wildlife creatures can be, it’s ultimately safer to maintain a distance when dealing with them.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you ever find yourself in an unexpected encounter with wild animals, remember to call NParks for professional assistance.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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