Brave Woman Saves Poor Koala Trapped In Razing Forest As Bushfires Engulf Australian State

Brave Woman Rushes In & Saves Poor Koala Trapped In Australia’s Bushfires

We’ve seen cute koala merchandise from Australia, but the real animal is in peril.

On Wednesday (20 Nov), The Guardian reports that Australia’s mainland states and northern regions experienced temperatures leap up to 46.6°C as bushfires engulfed the country.

The victims include an estimate of 350 koalas that died in New South Wales and Queensland.

Fortunately, one koala was able to avoid this harsh fate thanks to a brave woman. On Tuesday (19 Nov), KETK NBC showed a heartbreaking video featuring a koala’s rescue in bushfires at New South Wales.

This brave woman proves that not all heroes wear capes.

Brave woman rushes to koala

The footage began with a koala walking through a scorching hot pavement as bushfires engulfed the forest.


While the poor koala reached the forest, he struggled as bushfires burned the surrounding trees and grass.


Fortunately, a brave woman came to the rescue and rushed to save the koala. She picked up the poor animal as it attempted to climb a tree.


Since the koala was scorched in heat, the woman doused him with bottled water. Despite the woman’s kind intentions, the koala expressed his pain as the cool water was poured over his burned skin.


Next, the woman and her companion wrapped the koala in a thick blanket.


While the koala looked snug and warm, the white blanket showed signs of his bleeding fur.


The woman was able to take the injured animal to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. The facility is taking care of at least 31 koalas.

Fires ravage Australia

While we’re happy that Singapore isn’t covered with haze, the threat of catastrophic wildfires in Australia is far from over.

BBC reports that Victoria – a state in Southeast Australia – issued a “code red” which is equivalent to a catastrophic warning. Some locals in affected areas were told that it was “too late to leave” because it is safer to stay indoors than to drive in the hot asphalt.


In the meantime, The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and National Parks and Wildlife Service started a GoFundMe page to install automatic drinking stations in burnt areas.

This will help the wildlife organisation treat the koala’s severe burns and re-hydrate them during the rescue.


The organisation has rescued 31 koalas and collected more than S$1,300,000 ($1,000,000 USD) from donors.


Help the poor koalas

The koala population is in serious decline.

According to Save the Koala, the Queensland Minister for the Environment has declared the species to be “functionally extinct”.

We’re hoping that the country’s bushfires will be over soon since the lives of residents and animals are threatened in the affected areas.

What do you think of the brave woman’s attempt to rescue the poor koala? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from KETK NBC on YouTube. 

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