5 Women Get Into Scuffle On Scoot Flight To Shenzhen, Disembarking Passengers Stuck Behind

5 Women Get Into Scuffle On Scoot Flight, Pilots & Cabin Crew Try To Stop Them

Air travel may sometimes be stressful, including having to jostle on a crowded plane with strangers.

Five women were so stressed on a Scoot flight to Shenzhen that they took their stress out on their fellow passengers.

They were seen getting into a scuffle while disembarking from the flight — pushing, shoving and yelling at one another.

Source: @yyhiakhiakhiak on TikTok

In the process, they also blocked other passengers who were trying to get off the plane.

Scoot cabin crew tells women to stop as they scuffle

In a TikTok video posted on Friday (8 Sep), the five women are seen already involved in a fracas in the middle of the aisle.

There appeared to be two warring groups of women, with three of the women in one of the groups carrying identical neck pillows.

As they grappled with one another, a Scoot cabin crew member even came forward and told them, “Please stop!” in Mandarin.

Source: @yyhiakhiakhiak on TikTok

Women engage in slap fight & one falls onto a seat

However, this plea fell on deaf ears as the women continued to engage in a slap fight.

As they hit and push one another, one of the women even falls onto a seat.

Source: @yyhiakhiakhiak on TikTok

One of them then loudly challenges the others in Mandarin to “call the police”.

Scoot pilots attempt to stop women in scuffle

Eventually, even the two pilots of the plane had to come out to try to handle the situation.

Source: @yyhiakhiakhiak on TikTok

The women didn’t seem cowed, though, and continued yelling at one another.

The woman who fell onto the seat scolded three others as being “comical” (搞笑) for causing her to fall.

Her foes responded defiantly, asking, “Who started it first?”

The woman then shouted back, saying that the three of them ganged up against her.

Source: @yyhiakhiakhiak on TikTok

Passengers behind couldn’t disembark

Meanwhile, the camera panned to the queue of passengers behind the women, waiting patiently to disembark.

However, they apparently couldn’t do so due to the altercation.

Source: @yyhiakhiakhiak on TikTok

The video, which has gained over 6,000 likes and almost 4,000 shares, ends without revealing what happened.

Scoot apologises for inconvenience

In response to queries from 8world News, a Scoot spokesperson said the incident occurred on Wednesday (6 Sep).

Flight TR144 from Singapore to Shenzhen had just landed at Shenzhen Airport, and passengers were disembarking when the fight started.

To handle the situation, the airport authorities had to activate contingency plans to assist Scoot’s ground staff and cabin crew.

The disembarkation process continued without further disruption, Scoot added. Flight TR145 back to Singapore also took off from Shenzhen on time.

The airline apologised to passengers for any inconvenience caused.

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Featured image adapted from @yyhiakhiakhiak on TikTok.

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