‘Burning Flame’ Actor Wong He Helps Direct Traffic After Seeing Helpless Man Try

In the TVB series Burning Flame, Hong Kong Actor Wong He played a heroic firefighter. In real life, he’s just as brave as you’ll soon see.

After all, he once rushed into a burning building and rescued 3 of his colleagues from the fire, back when he was still serving the Royal Hong Kong Police.


The 52-year-old actor recently made headlines for a good cause again, this time for helping to direct traffic at a busy intersection after the traffic lights malfunctioned.

Wong He directed traffic at busy intersection

On Friday (11 Oct), a traffic intersection in bustling Mongkok was disrupted as the traffic lights had malfunctioned.

A young man had tried to direct the traffic in hopes of improving the messy situation. However, he had no experience or training with directing traffic, hence the intersection was still choked with vehicles.


Fortunately for him, Wong He was at the scene. With his prior experience as a policeman, he took over the young man’s ‘duties’ and started to direct the traffic himself.

He did it so professionally that you wouldn’t even think he had left the force.

Here’s a clip showing the man in action.

Directing traffic effortlessly with a smile on his face. So cool.

Wong He advised by police to leave

The police arrived at the scene 25 minutes after Wong He started helping out with the traffic.

Wong and the other young man were advised to leave. The pair complied and left soon after.


Unfortunately, the intersection allegedly returned to a “horrible state” after the pair left.

Public-spiritedness is an asset

Hongkongers were touched to see Wong, a veteran actor, step forward to help with what he could.

Many netizens praised Wong, calling him a true hero.

“Regardless of whether he’s a real policeman or fake firefighter, Brother He is everyone’s heroes! Respect!”

Another netizen fangirled over how cool he was:

“I’ve been a fan of him since Primary 2, he’s really cool both on and off-screen.”

Finally, others couldn’t help but notice how natural he looked while directing the traffic.

“He’s so experienced with giving the signs.”

Needless to say, the sight was a heartwarming one for everyone.

Kudos to Wong He for doing what he could to make things run more smoothly for those at the intersection.

Featured image adapted from Hong Kong 01.