Woodlands Residents Allegedly Play Loud Music At Night, Neighbour Files Multiple Police Reports

Woodlands Residents Allegedly Play Loud Music During Wee Hours

For many of us, nothing beats a good night’s sleep, especially after a long and exhausting day at work.

Unfortunately, some residents at a Woodlands block have been robbed of such a luxury for the past year as they alleged that their neighbours would often play loud music throughout the night.

Although the OP, Mr Herman, had filed police reports numerous times, his neighbours allegedly continued with the ruckus.

Woodlands residents allegedly blast music till 3am

On Wednesday (11 May), Mr Herman took to Complaint Singapore’s Facebook page to express his frustrations with his inconsiderate neighbours.

In his post, Mr Herman alleged that his neighbours would keep blasting music at midnight, until early morning and even throughout the next day.

When MS News spoke to him, he shared that the inconsiderate behaviour has, quite shockingly, been going on for about a year.

However, he had not confronted the residents as he claimed that they are young and aggressive.

But the problem has affected all his family members, especially his wife. According to Mr Herman, she is so depressed by the noise that she puts on earplugs and spends most of her time in her room.

Neighbours tried to endure noise for a year

Mr Herman told MS News that throughout the year, his family has tried various ways to tolerate the loud music. They would use earplugs and earpieces and try to block out the noise when they went to sleep.

Sometimes, they would even try to return home late just so they could avoid feeling stressed out at home after hearing the loud noises.

Mr Herman also shared that he felt concerned for his neighbours staying next door as they are elderly folk who might feel helpless about how to deal with the loud and persistent noises.

He added that he could sense how depressed they were about the situation.

OP filed numerous police reports

In light of the recurring issue, Mr Herman claimed that he has called the police multiple times to report his neighbours’ inconsiderate behaviour. The police had allegedly gone over to the said residents’ unit and advised them to lower their volume.

However, the culprits apparently did not heed the police’s advice and continued blasting music throughout the night.

MS News has reached out to Sembawang Town Council for comments and will update this article once they get back.

Such inconsiderate behaviour is not acceptable

Our home should be a comfortable haven for us to relax in, not a place to escape because of others’ thoughtless behaviour.

One can only imagine how extremely tiring and stressful it must have been for Mr Herman and his family, who have had to endure the noise for over a year.

Since most of us have to live close to one another, we must spare a thought for others and not inconvenience them with our actions.

Hopefully, the relevant authorities will take the necessary action to help Mr Herman and his neighbours solve the problem so they can finally get a good night’s sleep and some peace of mind.

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