Monkeys Lepak At Woodlands HDB, Resident Asks If They Have SafeEntry

Woodlands Residents Have Monkeys Visiting Them At Block 874

Monkeys are a curious, playful bunch. We often see them hanging around forested areas and reservoirs.

But it’s not every day that we see them right outside our homes.

Residents at Block 874 Woodlands Street 82 had unexpected visitors on Saturday (19 Sep) afternoon, as a couple of monkeys dropped by their HDB corridors.

A short video of the scene was posted to Complaint Singapore Facebook group at 5.18pm the same day.

Monkeys have business in Woodlands

A resident had spotted the monkeys perched on level 2 of Block 874 Woodlands Street 82.

Complaint Singapore

Perched on the HDB corridor ledge, they looked like they were just chilling.


A couple of residents unknowingly walked past underneath the block, while a monkey got up and started crawling towards the right.

Netizens make safety jokes

Naturally, monkey business in the city inspires humour among us. So, netizens quickly jumped onboard with safety jokes upon seeing the video.

One of them asked if the monkeys have checked in via SafeEntry, according to Covid-19 protocols.


This netizen wanted to ask the monkeys for their masks, because of, you know, droplets and transmission risks and whatnot.


Meanwhile, the OP had left a comment too, urging his bro to close the door. Otherwise, the monkeys may end up stealing underwear.


What you should do when encountering monkeys

According to National Parks Board (NParks), monkeys – being innately curious creatures – sometimes wander out of the forest and visit homes to seek food.

But, we mustn’t feed them, as this wouldn’t help them return to the forest. The best thing to do is to minimise contact with them.

In the event of monkeys entering your home:

  • Remain quiet and calm. Don’t make sudden movements
  • Don’t look at monkeys in the eye
  • Look for an exit for the monkeys
  • To lead them towards the exit, hit the ground repeatedly with a stick without cornering them
  • Alternatively, direct a strong jet of water at the monkeys to guide them
  • Don’t try to hit them

Also, if you happen to have a child, carry them on your shoulders. NParks says this will increase your perceived size, which may stop monkeys from approaching you.

Stay safe, keep food away

If you live near a forested area, it’s best to just keep all sources of food well-hidden from plain sight. Apparently, this makes your home less attractive to these long-tailed critters.

These are just some of many ways how residents can co-exist with wildlife that thrive in our urban jungle.

And Singapore is full of them, like our celebrity-like otters, pangolins, and even pythons.

If you encounter them, you can contact NParks (1800-471-7300) or ACRES (97837782), so that these creatures may be relocated to a place that puts them far away from human contact.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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