Workers’ Party Releases GE2020 New Merch, Has Tote Bags & Umbrellas For Sale

Fend Off Gloomy Weather With Workers’ Party’s Hammer-Emblazoned Umbrellas For GE2020

As of yesterday (23 Jun), it’s official: General Elections 2020 is here.

General Elections 2020 won’t quite be the same without in-person rallies, but Workers’ Party supporters can still rally themselves with the party’s new merch.


Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Workers’ party merch includes umbrellas & caps

Instead of the usual promotional T-shirt or campaign buttons, Workers’ Party printed their iconic hammer on baby blue paraphernalia.

Though you can’t don these to their speeches, you can definitely accessorise with a handy umbrella to keep you dry during the recent gloomy period.

You can choose from a foldable one to take along with you, or a long-handled one to store in the car for grocery runs.


They’ve got you covered for cheerier weather too, with their stylishly sleek baseball caps.


The embroidered hammer design reminds us a little of a certain famous Nordic god (Thor), but we all know it stands for the party led by Pritam Singh.

They have a fun, printed tote bag too, featuring a colour block design. The rally silhouette on it looks so fervent, it almost makes up for the lack of real ones this year.


Bundle for discounts

Everyone loves a good discount, and Workers’ Party merch is definitely giving us that with their bundled products.

A single flag costs $3, but a bundle of 5 costs $10.


You can pool orders and share them with your friends and family to save a little more.


The ultimate steal is of course, their GE2020 Collection Bundle.


It’s valued at $84, but being sold for $59.90 instead. It even contains their 60th Anniversary book, which costs $30 on their website.


All their merchandise is available on their online store here.

Getting suited up for GE

Political party merch is definitely a fun way to spice up GE2020, and we hope to see some on Polling Day.

Here’s to the 16 days remaining until Singapore hits the polls — let the campaigning begin!

Featured image adapted from The Workers’ Party 2020 General Election Merchandise

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