Huge Alien-Like Worm With Horn Spotted In Johor, Creature Resembles Weedle From Pokémon

Huge Alien-Like Worm With Horn Spotted In Johor On 24 Nov

Though there are many Pokémon whose appearances are inspired by real-life creatures, it’s not every day that we come across animals with an uncanny resemblance to the creatures we find in the Pokédex.

Yet that was recently the case in Johor Bahru when a lady spotted a huge worm with a horn-like barb.

Source: Facebook

Alien appearance aside, some netizens couldn’t help but compare the thicc worm to Weedle from the Pokémon series, which similarly has a horn.

Lady horrified after seeing huge alien-like worm with horn

On Thursday (24 Nov) morning, Facebook user Ms Tan spotted the creature crawling on the ground outside her store in Kampung Gajah, Johor.

Source: Facebook

The worm has a brown-black appearance, with snake-like patterns running through the back of its body.

Source: Facebook

It was also of a significant thickness and had a horn-like appendage protruding at the end.

Ms Tan said she was horrified at the sight of the worm, adding that it would twitch when there was a sound.

Source: Facebook

However, the wriggler was nowhere to be seen later on after Ms Tan was done setting up her store.

Netizens joke that it’s Weedle IRL

The comments section of the now-viral post has since turned into somewhat of a ‘guess-the-Pokémon’ game, with many netizens trying to identify the alien-looking creature.

This Facebook user, who said it was the larva of an agrius convolvulus – or convolvulus hawk-moth – shared a photo of a creature with an uncanny appearance.

Source: Facebook

Reportedly found across Asia, its larvae have been spotted in various colours including brown, black, and yellow.

When fully fed, it can grow up to 100mm with a diameter of 14mm. The larva’s horn is also a distinguishing feature of the species.

And then there were others who joked that it was actually Weedle who somehow crawled out of our Nintendo Switch screens and into the real world.

Source: Facebook. Translation: Weedle, why did you run out?

Whatever the creature is, there’s no doubt that it was a scary one for many netizens.

Source: Facebook

Have you seen worms of this size and with similar features? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and The Click.

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