YAYOI Waterway Point Offers 100% Return Vouchers

A meal at a good Japanese restaurant can easily rake up bills to as high as $100.

But can you really resist the cravings for a wholesome and hearty plate of Teishoku?


Well, you no longer need to subdue your inner demons begging you for a Japanese meal as YAYOI will be giving 100% return vouchers from 20 – 26 May to celebrate their new outlet opening at Waterway Point.

This means that you get a 100% return for how ever much you dine.

What’s on the menu

Like every regular Japanese restaurant, the price of the main courses at YAYOI range between S$10-20. Rice is free flow with all the meals.


With such a wide variety of main courses to choose from, you’d surely be spoilt for choice. You can try their tried and tested dishes such as Nasu Miso & Saba Teishoku, Saba Shioyaki Teishoku and Sukiyaki Teishoku.


You could use this 100% return offer to even ‘splurge’ and try the S$22.90 beef hotplates or the S$19.90 unajyu which are the priciest meals on the menu.


No meal is complete without dessert. You can get Hokkaido Millecrepe with ice cream at S$6.90 to top the meal off.

Truly value for money

This offer is only valid from 20-26 May for dine-in options at YAYOI Waterway Point.

For whatever amount you spend, the voucher offered will be rounded to the nearest even dollars. So if you spend S$59.90, you’ll get S$60 worth of vouchers.

You can only use $30 worth of vouchers per visit, which in the above case would mean that you’ll have to dine there twice to fully redeem your perks.


Remember that vouchers are only valid at YAYOI’s Waterway Point outlet till 31 Aug 2019.

We all know that food tastes even better with an amazing deal so bring your friends and family down to YAYOI Waterway Point because joy shared is joy doubled!

Featured image from Philippine primer.