Yew Tee Accident At Discretionary Right Turn Junction on 5 Aug

While many of us work from home, food delivery riders have been busier than ever bringing food right to our doorsteps.

This means they are often on the road, zooming from one place to another.

On Wednesday (5 Aug), a typical workday took an unexpected turn for a GrabFood rider when he got into an accident at Choa Chu Kang Drive.


Footage of the incident was uploaded on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook group. You can watch it in full here, but be warned — it’s quite disturbing.

Heavy collision between car & GrabFood rider

The GrabFood rider was on a motorcycle when the accident struck at a busy junction of Choa Chu Kang Drive and Choa Chu Kang North 6.

Dashcam footage of the accident shows the rider travelling at a relatively fast speed across the junction.


However, a car was making a discretionary right turn and seemingly failed to notice the oncoming motorcycle, resulting in a heavy collision.


The collision was so strong it caused the rider to be thrown off his bike, before landing heavily on the ground.

Passers-by rushed to help GrabFood rider after accident

The GrabFood rider appeared to have difficulties moving after the collision, as seen in the footage.

That’s when kind passers-by immediately rushed to the rider’s aid at the scene of the accident.


The driver of the dashcam vehicle could also be heard calling for help, reporting the accident.

Busy intersection outside Yew Tee MRT

Based on the surrounding landmarks, the incident seems to have occurred at the junction of Choa Chu Kang Drive and Choa Chu Kang North 6.


The crossing is typically a busy intersection, located right outside Yew Tee MRT.

Based on the timestamp at the bottom of the footage, the accident also probably occurred during the evening rush hour at around 6.46pm.

MS News has reached out to SCDF for a statement on the accident.

Stay safe on roads

We hope the GrabFood driver did not sustain any major injuries and will make a full recovery soon.

Singapore has seen a slew of accidents in the few months since Phase 2 started, many involving food-delivery riders.

Do stay safe and remain alert on the roads at all times.

Featured image adapted from Facebook