S’pore Girl Meets Itzy’s Yuna At Gardens By The Bay, K-Pop Star Recognises Her During Concert

S'pore Girl Meets Itzy’s Yuna At Gardens By The Bay, K-pop Star Recognises Her During Concert

Fan Runs Into Itzy Member Yuna At Gardens By The Bay A Day Before Singapore Concert

Singapore has always been a popular place for Korean stars to visit, be it for work or leisure — or both.

Back in January, K-pop girl group Itzy held a concert at The Star Theatre here in Singapore.

Source: @ITZYofficial on Twitter

As it turns out, they also had a chance to indulge in some touristy activities during their time here, including a visit to Gardens by the Bay.

One fan was lucky enough to meet one of the members, Yuna, and recently shared a short clip of their brief but cute interactions on TikTok.

Singapore fan meets Itzy’s Yuna at Gardens by the Bay

On Thursday (18 May), TikTok user @mxnghxi shared a video of her encounter with Yuna.


since their sg vlog is out, i decided not to gatekeep these videos anymore 😀 #yuna #itzy #itzyinsingapore #itzyinsg

♬ Cheshire – ITZY

It starts with the K-pop star, looking stylish in sunglasses and a simple black dress, excitedly walking up to a food stall.

Source: @mxnghxi on TikTok

According to the OP, this happened a day before the Itzy concert on 27 Jan.

She also clarified that this was at Gardens by the Bay, not a “pasar malam”, as many commenters seemed to think.

River Hongbao 2023 was happening there that week, so the food stalls were likely part of the event.

The OP then casually greets Yuna, who responds with a wave and a friendly, “Nice to meet you!”

yuna singapore

Source: @mxnghxi on TikTok

In her caption, the OP explained that she decided to finally post the video as Itzy had also shared a vlog about their Singapore visit.

The vlog was apparently filmed on the same day as it shows Yuna exploring Gardens by the Bay with her bandmates in the same outfit, except that her hair is down.

yuna singapore

Source: ITZY on YouTube

TikToker also met other Itzy members

Speaking to MS News, @mxnghxi shared that it was around 3pm when she spotted Yuna.

She explained that she was looking around for her friends when she suddenly noticed all the Itzy members heading toward her.

Although @mxnghxi “tried not to engage them” as she didn’t want to look like a fan, Yuna ended up walking straight to her.

That’s when she decided to grasp the valuable opportunity and say hello.

Besides Yuna, @mxnghxi also got to meet the rest of the group and even had a chat with another member Lia, who speaks fluent English.

“I was really nervous throughout the whole experience and low-key freaked out afterwards,” she recalled.

Yuna seems to recognise fan at Itzy’s Singapore concert

The TikTok video then cuts to @mxnghxi and her friend at Itzy’s show the next day.

Amazingly, Yuna seems to recognise them, judging from how she constantly smiles and looks at them.

She also keeps waving at them and makes eye contact with the OP and her camera numerous times.

Source: @mxnghxi on TikTok

The “stares” continue throughout the concert — much to the OP’s delight, of course.

yuna singapore

Source: @mxnghxi on TikTok

With all the interactions she enjoyed with Yuna from the stage, it’s safe to say that the OP definitely got her ticket money’s worth.

yuna singapore

Source: @mxnghxi on TikTok

In fact, Yuna looked over at the OP so many times that the latter was able to compile a separate TikTok video of those moments.


Replying to @𝔰𝔢𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔞★ it’s confirmed, we are besties. #itzy #yuna #shinyuna #itzyinsg #itzyinsingapore

♬ Cheshire – ITZY

Guess it can be comforting to see someone you recognise in the audience while on stage, even if you only spent a few minutes with them.

Other fans envious of encounter

Numerous Itzy fans went wild with envy in the comments section at this memorable experience.

Many remarked that they wouldn’t have been able to handle making so much eye contact with the K-pop idol.

Source: @mxnghxi on TikTok

One user joked that Yuna loves the OP more than the other way around.

Source: @mxnghxi on TikTok

This TikToker saw their interactions from a more heart-warming perspective, pointing out that since the OP was the only one in the audience that Yuna had spoken with before, seeing someone she knew was like “emotional support” to her.

yuna singapore

Source: @mxnghxi on TikTok

It’s not every day that a fan gets to run into their favourite stars on a normal day out, let alone share a brief conversation and be remembered again afterwards.

This will certainly be a concert — and Gardens by the Bay visit — that the OP will remember for years to come.

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Featured image adapted from @mxnghxi on TikTok.

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