Adidas Brand Centre At Orchard Spans 3 Floors, Has Hidden Kueh Murals & Live Kinetic Displays

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adidas Singapore Brand Centre Opens At Orchard On 24 Dec

adidas might be a sportswear company in name, but over the years, it has transformed into an iconic brand that reflects many people’s lifestyles and beliefs.

Looking to celebrate our nation’s diversity and identity, adidas will be opening a 3-storey brand centre in the middle of Orchard that features contemporary art pieces, each with a unique Singapore touch.

Image courtesy of adidas

These include kueh sneaker designs and a pulsating kinetic sculpture that represents our Singapore heartbeat.

Kueh designs incorporated into cashier’s backdrop

Stepping into adidas Brand Centre, it’s easy to mistake the store for a sculpture museum given the artistic installations in every corner.

Image courtesy of adidas

The one which will likely catch your eye first is the mural that serves as a backdrop for the store’s orange cashier desk.

Image courtesy of adidas

While this might look like an ordinary floral decoration to most, there are actually hidden ‘easter eggs’ for those who look deeper.

Found in the mural are shoe motifs that incorporate designs inspired by our beloved kuehs.

The designs feature the shapes of tutu kueh, kueh bahulu, ang ku kueh & kueh lapis
Image courtesy of adidas

Of the designs, our favourite is without doubt the lotus kueh bahulu design tastefully added to the sole of one of the sneaker designs.

Image courtesy of adidas

While these remain mere designs for now, we certainly hope they’d become a reality in time to come.

Kinetic display that represents Singapore’s heartbeat

At another corner of the store lies a kinetic installation of adidas’ tri-stripe logo made using mechanically-controlled steel panels.

Image courtesy of adidas

Though it might look icy cold in picture, this is in fact a ‘living’ sculpture that pulsates to a rhythmic pattern, a representation of adidas’ and Singapore’s heartbeat.

Our country’s name is also presented in the 4 main languages of Singapore, representing the spirit of inclusiveness.

Maker lab with hanging installations

Hanging over the Maker Lab is a metallic installation that sings the perfect ode to adidas’ presence in Singapore.

Image courtesy of adidas

Made using 180 pieces of steel trefoils that resemble adidas’ logo, these are carefully pieced together to form an outline of mainland Singapore.

Image courtesy of adidas

Aptly placed above the Maker Lab section, the installation is also a reminder of how creative customers can get when it comes to customising their apparel.

Image courtesy of adidas

In short, adidas hopes to pay homage to the diverse practices and values in Singapore while echoing the pulse of our young nation.

adidas Brand Centre now open in Orchard

The adidas Brand Centre opened on 24 Dec and is the first of its kind in Singapore.

Image courtesy of adidas

Apart from admiring the installations and soaking in the vibes, visitors can also take the chance to shop for Chinese New Year.

Image courtesy of adidas

After all, the 3-storey retail store will be the largest adidas outlet here, and will feature apparel, footwear, and accessories from its performance and Originals lineup.

Here are the deets for your visit:

adidas Brand Centre
Address: 270 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238857
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Nearest MRT station: Orchard, Somerset
Website: adidas

FYI, if you’re heading over, do look out for their video We Got This at the entrance, featuring athletes and celebrities – *spoiler alert* Benjamin Kheng makes a cameo – share how they overcame adversity.

An adidas store that screams Singapore

adidas has come a long way since its early days focused on athletic performance. Since then, their apparel and shoes have become a mainstay in many of our essential wardrobes and racks.

Despite having multiple outlets across Singapore, we look forward to visiting an adidas store that we Singaporeans can truly call our own.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with adidas.

Featured image courtesy of adidas.

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