84-Year-Old Daughter Smiles Like A Child After Receiving Sweets From Her 107-Year-Old Mother

No matter how grown up we are, we will forever be little children in our parent’s eyes.

An 84-year-old ah ma in China is still the apple of her 107-year-old mother’s eye.

As her mother passed a sweet from a wedding she attended, her daughter burst into a huge smile, showing that we all have a child inside of us even though no matter how old we really are.

This heartwarming scene, which was recorded by a neighbour, has since gone viral on Weibo.


107-year-old mother was attending a wedding

The neighbour, Mr Yang, shared that despite her ripe old age, the mother is very healthy and often visits him. For some reason unknown to us, Mr Yang decided to bring her to a wedding on Sunday (17 Nov) with him.

The mother handing the sweet to her daughter

She took a wedding sweet from the table but instead of eating it, tucked it away.

When she reached home, she took it out and handed it to her daughter instead.


Daughter burst out in a big smile as she receives sweet

Needless to say, her daughter broke into a bright, child-like smile when she realised she was given a sweet.


Mr Yang described her smile as “the happiest smile of a child, the sweetest smile ever”.

The daughter lit up when she got the sweet

“No matter how old she is”, he said, “she’ll always be a child in her mother’s eyes”.

Netizens express their envy

The wholesome video touched the hearts of many, who shared that they were envious of the 84-year-old ah ma. 

“That’s so nice, I wish that I’ll be able to get sweets from my mother when I’m 84 too.”

Another netizen shared that it’s truly blissful to have your mother by your side.

“Days spent with a mother will show you what a great day is actually like.”

Another netizen shared a timely reminder for all of us to spend time with our mother, regardless of their age.

“We should accompany her [our mothers] more.”

Parents’ love for their children is unconditional

This adorable story shows us that the love parents’ have for their children never really goes away, even in old age.

Perhaps this is also a reminder for us to take some time out to show our appreciation for our parents and loved ones too.

Featured image adapted from Youtube.