Artist Creates Imaginative Jamus Lim Drawing For SKTC Logo Design Competition

The General Elections (GE) took place more than a month ago but one particular name continues resurfacing in the public domain.

From his old photos to being banned from saying ‘cockles’, netizens can’t get enough of Jamus Lim, the recently elected Sengkang Member of Parliament (MP).

Recently, Sengkang Town Council (SKTC) opened a logo design competition to citizens.

One Singaporean artist jumped at the chance to feature the iconic politician in his artwork.

Toast Comics shared his rendition of Jamus Lim in his newest artwork in a Facebook post on Tuesday (25 Aug).

Artist Jamus LimSource

The hunky re-imagination of Jamus Lim in his artwork certainly warmed more than just the cockles of our hearts.

Artist reimagines Jamus Lim as chiseled, hammer-wielding man

The artist’s re-imagination of the political figure is a tanned and muscular half-naked man, complete with strong, veiny hands and 6-pack abs.

He is even holding a hammer in one hand and in his other, a cockle, of course.

Artist Jamus LimSource

If you look closer, the cockle is in the shape of a heart, probably symbolic of his famous expression, as well as the sign he made when giving his GE victory speech.


The local artist explains his artwork in the Facebook post.

He chose the “friendly” blue and green colours as well as the altered look of the ‘K’ and ‘T’ letters to represent Sengkang’s river.

It also shows Sengkang’s bold spirit of embracing change towards a different future.

The font he used also makes the design stand out among other town council logos, symbolising the youthfulness of Sengkang.

In a disclaimer, he mentions that he didn’t set out to win the competition. The artist simply wanted to “draw something fun for everyone to appreciate”.

Well, we’re sure many who’ve seen the illustration do.

Netizens appreciate it as a work of art

The elaborate cartoon drawing is certainly a piece of admirable art.

Although some netizens may have been too preoccupied with the main body of the artwork to notice minor details.


Others were big fans, suggesting that the artist should start selling t-shirts with the design and donate the money to SKTC.


Judging from Mr Lim’s consistent popularity, that could be a good idea indeed.

Toast Comics offers fresh & creative takes on Singapore icons

The artist, Toast Comics, is no amateur in creating drool-worthy artwork.

Buff Kopitiam Uncle Has Us Drooling Over More Than Kopi C & Kaya Toast

Previously, his remake of the Kopitiam Uncle and other iconic Singaporean figures like Inspector Clif the policeman also went viral on social media.

He even created one of a safe distancing ambassador, following the same theme.

Artist Jamus LimSource

No points for guessing why he placed the SafeEntry QR code there. Why not try scanning it to see where that takes you? But make sure you’re 18 or older before you do that.

You can check out more of his artwork here.

Artwork is a win in itself

While the artist might not win the SKTC logo design competition with this artwork, he certainly gained netizens’ attention.

That alone, as well as notes of appreciation from those who admire his work must surely be rewarding.

What do you think of the illustration? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.