Sengkang Town Council Lets Public Come Up With Logo Design & Stand A Chance To Win $500

A new and young Group Representative Constituency (GRC), Sengkang is still in the midst of laying its foundations.

Among its initial groundwork is a logo for the Sengkang Town Council (SKTC), not unlike this one:


Leaving the design to the public, much like the votes in GE2020, SKTC is holding a logo design competition to help them gather some options.

Sengkang Town Council logo design competition open to citizens

The Sengkang GRC Facebook page posted an announcement on Sunday (23 Aug) evening regarding the competition, which garnered many shares.


Open to Singapore Citizens who are students aged 13 or older, SKTC is looking for someone with “an eye for design”.

Specifically, the logo should encompass 2 key aspects:

  • the character of Sengkang town
  • the Workers’ Party’s (WP) values


Those are really all that they expect, so interested groups or individuals can let their imagination run wild.

Yes, you can participate in groups, but the prize money will stay the same, so keep that in mind.

Note that only amateurs and students can participate, and SKTC won’t accept submissions from the following groups of people:

  • Employees or contractors of SKTC, as well as their immediate family
  • Professional design agencies, or employees of such agencies

As long as you fulfill all the above criteria, you should be good to go. For the complete guidelines, you can visit the link here.

An opportunity to be a part of something new

For Sengkang residents and WP supporters, especially, this competition is an exciting chance to be a part of something new.

Seeing your design on the SKTC website, social media sites and letterheads among many other places will surely be a rewarding feeling.

Not to mention winning the actual prize which includes $500 and a mentorship with local designer Jackson Tan, of creative agency BLACK.


Let your creative juices flow

Some creative netizens have already chipped in with vague ideas, several involving cockles, clearly a jab at Mr Jamus Lim’s famous quote.


That’ll be a fresh take indeed, though by now we’re unsure of how original the idea will be once everyone has that thought planted in their head.

Nevertheless, let your creativity flow and see what you can come up with.

The competition ends on 13 Sep, at 11.59pm, so mark your calendars. Those who are ready to take part can submit their designs via the link here. All the best!

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.