S’pore Woman Drinks Own Breast Milk In Hokkaido To Prevent Pumping Efforts From Going To Waste

Woman Drinks Own Breast Milk While On Vacation In Hokkaido

For mothers with newborn babies, travelling overseas can be a pretty complicated experience.

One woman found this out the hard way when she ended up drinking 4,450ml of her own expressed breast milk (EBM) while on vacation in Japan.


I drank 4450ML of my own breastmilk in Hokkaido🥹 My initial plan was to store my expressed breastmilk (ebm) in hotel freezer but unexpected circumstances happened so only first day of my ebm being stored and brought back to Singapore successfully🎉 #Motherhood #Breastmilk #Travelpumping

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She did so to prevent her efforts of pumping the milk from going to waste.

Her admittedly impressive feat has since gone viral on TikTok, with many expressing their amazement.

Woman drinks own breast milk in Hokkaido

Speaking with MS News, Jemie Lim shared that she was on holiday in Hokkaido from 7 to 12 Dec.

Prior to her trip, Mrs Lim contacted the hotel to check if she would be able to use their freezer to store her EBM.

While they gave her permission to do so, they stated that it was not recommended as they could not guarantee the quality of the milk.

After storing it on the first day, Mrs Lim found that some of the milk had not been frozen the day after.

“I was worried all my milk would be spoilt by end of the trip,” she shared. “So I decided I will either drink it or dump it.”

She eventually chose the former.

Source: TikTok

Her TikTok video shows her pouring out and drinking her own EBM during her flight.

Source: TikTok

She’s also shown drinking it in her hotel room and pumping in what she described as a “random place” in Hokkaido.

As there were no nursing rooms, she had to pump her milk in public.

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Ultimately, Mrs Lim was only able to bring back the EBM she pumped on the first day of her trip.

She ended up drinking 4,450ml of her own breast milk throughout her vacation in Hokkaido.

Source: TikTok

Netizens react to TikTok video

Needless to say, Mrs Lim’s TikTok gained a fair bit of attention on the social media platform.

Many praised her tenacity, noting that it must have been quite the feat to down such a huge amount of EBM.

Source: TikTok

Other women who have been in similar situations related to her plight, stating that they too would resort to drinking their own breast milk.

Source: TikTok

In her reply to a comment asking why she didn’t just throw the milk away, Mrs Lim explained that while that was an option, she couldn’t bring herself to do so as pumping uses up a lot of energy.

Unfortunately, there were a few users who seemed perturbed by her actions, questioning the reasons behind them.

Others quickly leapt to Mrs Lim’s defence, pointing out the hardships of motherhood.

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Addressing the issue herself, Mrs Lim shared that she did not want to let her hard work go to waste.

In addition, drinking the EBM satiated the hunger and thirst she usually feels after pumping.

Her baby was also able to drink the milk during the vacation as the frozen stash kept for her was more than enough.

Indeed, we have to applaud Mrs Lim for her efforts in ensuring none of her milk went to waste.

Hopefully, her story will shed more light on the struggles of motherhood.

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