Muddy Water Gushes Down Slope & Floods Bukit Batok West Road

Rainstorms hit many parts of Singapore in the past few days. While many people working from home (WFH) rejoiced at the cosy weather, those out and about have had to weather the elements.

Bukit Batok particularly experienced a horrid time as the rain caused muddy water to gush down from a slope and flood the roads on Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 on Thursday (15 Jul).


Besides this, parts of a tree trunk were also found stranded on the road, hindering traffic in the area.


Thankfully, the relevant authorities were quick to clean up the situation and investigations to find the source of the incident are ongoing.

Videos show water gushing & flooding Bukit Batok road

In a video shared by Singapore Road Accident,  a stream of muddy water can be seen gushing down a slope in Bukit Batok.


The muddy water appears to be overflowing onto the pedestrian walkway at the foot of the slope.

Thankfully, people managed to steer clear of the rushing waters, with passers-by watching the phenomenon from the sidelines.

A TikToker also shared her point of view of the situation. The video starts by showing the gushing muddy waters and cuts to when she reaches the ground level.

She then films herself crossing the debris ridden road. Many passers-by can be seen clearing up whatever scraps they could find on the busy road while the traffic is at a standstill.


Authorities activated to manage Bukit Batok floods

Minister Low Yen Ling also shared details of the clean-up operation that was activated on Thursday (15 July) on Facebook.


According to her post, water started gushing down a drain located on a slope near the residential area in Bukit Batok at around 7pm.

This led to the flooding at Bukit Batok West Ave 5, the road directly below this slope.

Authorities such as the National Parks Board (NParks), Traffic Police (TP), Singapore Police Force (SPF) and National Environment Agency (NEA) were quickly activated to address the situation.

NParks contractors worked quickly to remove a fallen tree trunk that was blocking the road within 1.5 hours.


Meanwhile, SPF and TP officers diverted traffic within the area, ensuring the safety of residents, commuters, and road users alike.


PUB engineers have ruled out a pipe burst as one of the causes and NParks will be conducting investigations to determine the cause of the incident.

Details of the assessment will be shared once they are available, says Ms Low.

Stay safe on the road

The rainy weather is undoubtedly a joy for those at home but it could also prove to be an inconvenience for folks who are on the go.

We hope residents in Bukit Batok are not too severely affected by the sudden ‘flood’.

Kudos to the authorities for working tirelessly to fix up the roads and ensure that everything runs smoothly once again.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Road Accident on Facebook and SG Road Vigilante on Facebook.