BUNNY BUNNIE Has A Fan Cap So You Can Stay & Look Fresh In Hot Weather

Due to our humid climate, staying and looking fresh is easier said than done. Sticky sweat droplets seem inevitable during our commute so we rely on caps and portable fans to keep us cool.

The good news is a new product could significantly ease your burden.

BUNNY BUNNIE has launched a cap with a portable fan attached to the visor.

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We bet this innovative item will be a lifesaver on excruciatingly hot days.

Fan cap to conquer sweltering heat

BUNNY BUNNIE’s fan cap seems to be an item that you’ll constantly bring wherever you go in sunny Singapore.

Not only can it protect you from the heat of the sun, but the cool breeze could greatly reduce sweating in your face and neck.

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While we’ll still be wearing face masks in the foreseeable future, at least this convenient device can help you beat the heat.

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Colours available include pink, white, and black. Hence, you can easily find a simple cap that will suit your everyday style.

Adjustable fan angle

For some, feeling the breeze hit your face every time may feel uncomfortable. On the bright side, the fan’s angle can be easily adjusted based on your preference.


Busy employees constantly on the move will be happy to find that they can turn it on or off with a click of a button.


Note that the item needs to be charged through a USB cable.

Keep cool in our warm weather

This innovative cap is available on the BUNNY BUNNIE’s Instagram page for S$23.38 (RM72). They ship to Singapore so you can easily get it delivered to your doorstep.

Since our weather is generally warm, you may want to stock up on a few for yourself and the fam.

Hopefully, this device will help you look sharp the next time you arrive at the office or attend meetings.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram