Cat Dies After Likely Fall Through Jalan Kayu Shelter, Owner Urged To Come Forward

Cat Dies After Likely Fall Through Shelter At Block 447A In Jalan Kayu

Cats provide great companionship, whether they’re part of the family or loved adoringly by residents in our neighbourhoods.

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So it must be distressing to come across a cat’s lifeless body as a lady did at Jalan Kayu on Friday (25 Jun).


If pictures are anything to go by, it seems the cat fell from a height and through a shelter.

The lady in question has since processed a proper burial for the cat and is urging its owner to come forward.

Cat seemingly falls from height and through shelter

On Friday (25 Jun), Ms Raudhatul shared on Facebook about the death of an orange cat that had likely fallen from a height at a Jalan Kayu HDB block.


The cat seems to have fallen through the shelter of the residential block before landing on the drainage rails. Fragments of the broken shelter can be seen near the location of the fall.


While the extent of the cat’s injuries remains unclear, blood can be seen on the floor near the feline’s head.


The OP shared that she wasn’t sure if the cat was a pet or stray. But if the former is true, she’d like the owner to be informed.

Woman finds cat and arranges burial service

Speaking with MS News, Ms Raudhatul said she was made aware of the cat’s death while on shift at a nearby supermarket.

As she was working, 2 teens came into the supermarket and told her colleague that there was a ‘dead’ cat outside the establishment.

She went to check the situation out but found the cat barely alive.

Minutes later, the cat tragically passed on.

Ms Raudhatul couldn’t bear to leave the body there and apparently asked a passerby to help place the body into a styrofoam box that she found.


She then took the carcass home and made arrangements for a burial service.

She has yet to been contacted by any potential owner and would like for them to come forward if they see this.

Cat safety is an owner’s responsibility

It’s disturbing and saddening to hear of this incident. We hope the cat is in a better place now and is free of all suffering.

In the meantime, we hope cat owners would take this as a reminder to mesh their windows and install safeguards so similar cases would not happen again.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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