Japanese Menu For Changi Prison Inmates’ Breakfast?

Good food is a basic human right.

Everyone deserves it and former founders of The Real Singapore (TRS), Ai Takagi and Yang Kaiheng, seem to think so too.

If you need a refresher, the couple pleaded guilty to sedition, shut down their site and were sentenced to 8-10 months in jail.

But you know what they say, life keeps going on.

After their stint in jail, they opened three branches of Takagi Ramen Shop (TRS) in Singapore.

For their 4th outlet opening in Jan 2019, they asked netizens to vote via a Facebook poll where their next branch should be located – in Downtown East or Changi Prison Complex?


They received an overwhelming response — with 70% opting for an outlet in Changi Prison Complex.

Prison food is meh

You might think they’re trolling, but the plan seems pretty legit.

They even shared screenshots of their business proposal online.


We don’t blame you for doubting them — prison cuisine isn’t at the top of any food entrepreneurs’ list.

The couple writes that they enjoyed the lunch and dinner options during their Changi Prison stint, but felt that the breakfast menu needed more variety.


While no one expects fine dining in prison, we can all agree that toast everyday for breakfast is ‘meh’.


As ramen shop owners, the couple proposed a very “affordable Japanese menu” instead. That way, prisoners can enjoy the most important meal of the day with steaming hot Umeboshi Rice, soothing Miso Soup & more, all for below 40¢ per serving.


According to the couple, weekends are boring because all recreational facilities are closed at Changi Prison.

Thus, they recommended an extravagant packed breakfast to spice up an inmate’s Sunday. The proposed Chicken Katsu Set ($1.09) includes crispy & tender chicken katsu, paired with hearty soup, rice and veggies.


Too good to be true?

The couple’s proposal has garnered a lot of support online, mostly because people were surprised that inmates have toast for breakfast everyday.


Some netizens believe that the cost quoted seems too good to be true — casting doubt on the legitimacy of the proposal.


Others hilariously pointed out that complaints about the menu may have come a little too late.


Revamping a menu

So what’s next? Will Changi Prison’s breakfast menu actually get a major revamp?

If food costs can be kept low, a possible collaboration could be beneficial for both Takagi Ramen Shop and Changi Prison.

Most of all, inmates will definitely appreciate a more varied breakfast.

Several slices of jam or buttered bread, 365 days a year, does sound rough to even ardent toast-lovers.

This guy doesn’t get sick of Chicken Rice though:

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Featured image from Facebook.