Singapore Weather Will Hit A Peak Of 33°C On First 2 Days Of CNY, More Showers Also Expected

Buckle up those flowery bucket hats folks, late-Jan weather forecasts are in for the Year of the Rat.

Looks like a hot and humid sweat fest with occasional showers till the end of January.


This also means it’s time to whip out your trusty portable fans when you visit ah ma’s house.


So you won’t be melting in the 32°C heat on the stool that’s third nearest to the only fan in the room.

33°C peak temperatures on multiple days in January

Though the fluffy low-hanging clouds we often see on our skyline look promising, you should be prepared for humid & hot weather in general this January.


With the first day of CNY falling on 25 Jan, early forecasts predict a 26-33°C range of peak temperatures — and just a smattering of cloudy cover on the subsequent days.

Cue the melting hamsters

We also observed that our temperatures are mostly at least 2-3°C higher than “historic averages”, which take into account Singapore’s previous weather forecasts in January.

More evidence of climate change it seems — but a far cry from what our neighbours in Australia have to deal with.

Pack portable fans to combat hot & humid weather

Not every HDB flat is outfitted with latest ‘5-Ticks Daikin Smile Series’ aircon units.

CNY WeatherSource

So before you step out of your house to bai nian, you may wanna consider that all 20 of your closest relatives will be in even closer proximity in the living room during the lo hei.

This means it’s better to arm yourselves with the right equipment while on your rounds of visitations.

A trusty compact umbrella & portable electric fan should do the trick.

CNY WeatherSource

More showers expected too till 31 Jan

Though erratic weather is something that doesn’t come as a surprise to us tropical folks, do be warned as more showers are expected in the second half of January.

Looks like the umbrella you pack to bai nian is, once again, your defender against the elements.


Despite soaring temperatures, there’s also a chance that nighttime temperatures may dip to around 23°C on a few nights. You have your trusty weatherman Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) to thank as the bearer of this good news.

Don’t sweat it & remember to hydrate

Since a sweltering CNY season with dashes of rain is on the cards, don’t forget to remind your loved ones to hydrate with water, if you catch them only reaching for the packet or canned drinks.

CNY WeatherSource

This mahjong angbao bag will round out your selection of choice accessories – besides your portable fans & brollies – as well.

How do you plan to combat the heat this Lunar New Year? We’d love to hear your tricks & tips in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Thomas W. on Flickr and GW Wang on Flickr.