Colgate & Milo Respond After Netizens Question Their Work With Sylvia

Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) co-founder Sylvia Chan so far hasn’t addressed the allegations of her using abusive language towards employees.

NOC Co-Founder Sylvia Allegedly Caught Using Abusive Language Towards Staff In Leaked Audio

However, netizens haven’t been silent about them.

They’ve been asking brands she’s worked with about their associations with her.

This has led at least 2 companies – Colgate and Milo – to clarify that they’re no longer working with her.

Colgate terminates collaborations with Sylvia

Since the allegations surfaced, netizens have posted multiple queries on Colgate’s Instagram page regarding Sylvia.

The toothpaste company replied to all of them: They’ve terminated all related collaborations with her.



This is despite the allegations still being under investigation.

Colgate champions optimism

The reason for the move is that Colgate is a brand that champions optimism, they said. Hence, they won’t tolerate “negative behavours”.

They also understand the gravity of the allegations against Sylvia.


Milo not working with her on anything

Another brand that has worked with Sylvia is Milo, a favourite childhood drink of many Singaporeans.

They, too, have been inundated with questions over their working relationship with her.

In response, the beverage said they’re currently not working on any projects with her.


Milo doesn’t condone unacceptable behaviour

Milo also said the company doesn’t condone “any form of unacceptable behaviour”.

They noted that they’re a champion of sports values like fairness and respect.


Notably, the brand has worked with national stars like Joseph Schooling and Nathan Hartono in the past.

Sylvia allegedly drops F-bomb while describing talent

If you’re wondering why the spotlight is on Sylvia, screenshots of text messages allegedly from her surfaced on @sgcickenrice, an anonymous Instagram account, on Thursday (7 Oct).

They appeared to show her using the F-bomb several times while describing a talent named Samantha.


The messages were apparently sent in Feb 2020.

The Instagram page also shared a recording of someone whom they claimed to be Sylvia describing Samantha as a “b*tch who’s f*cking dumb”.

Apart from the comments explicitly directed at Samantha, @sgcickenrice also shared other receipts allegedly of Sylvia using abusive language towards anonymous staff members.

Netizens are now questioning whether the remarks were discriminatory in nature.

Sylvia still listed as NOC’s CEO

As of Saturday (9 Oct), Sylvia is still listed on NOC’s website as their chief executive officer (CEO).

As for Samantha, it’s unclear if or when she parted ways with NOC, but she last posted with the Instagram hashtag #nocpartners on 27 Aug.


MS News has reached out to Sylvia, Samantha, and others who commented on the issue for a statement. We will update this article accordingly when they respond.

Cancel culture in progress

Though the allegations are serious, we should note that they are still as yet unproven.

However, it seems that cancel culture is already in progress, given the amount of online backlash already generated.

It remains to be seen whether more brands will cut ties with Sylvia, and if she can find a way back into the public’s good graces.

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Featured image adapted from Night Owl Cinematics’ YouTube, Colgate Singapore’s Instagram and Milo Singapore’s Instagram.