S’porean Draws Cartoon Of Clap For #SGUnited & Other Movements Around The World, Urges Unity In Face Of Covid-19

On Monday (30 Mar) at 8pm, Singaporeans across the island gave our healthcare heroes resounding applause to cheer them on during the battle against Covid-19.

This was part of the Clap For #SGUnited movement, inspired by a similar gesture in the United Kingdom.

A Singaporean artist, @corgiyolk, reimagined this scene with an adorable comic strip.


The drawing also brings a hopeful message of unity across borders, giving us motivation to get through this arduous time of uncertainty.

Comic strip shows different animals in cities around the world

The cartoon takes on an adorable interpretation of this moving moment, using animals to represent stuck-at-home humans.

As the animals look out from their apartments, they clap and cheer for frontline workers, reminiscent of the scene we saw on Monday evening.

We like how the animals in the panel representing Singapore are all different, but as diverse as they are, they heartwarmingly come together in a display of unity.


Likewise, animals from the United Kingdom, China and Italy are shown displaying their collective gratitude towards healthcare staff who are toiling day and night in efforts to contain the virus.

Comic reminds that we’re in this together

In the caption, the artist calls for global citizens to unite against Covid-19:

no matter where we’re at or what we do, we’re all in this together. We Clap for all that you do frontliners!

We think the comic strip encapsulates the idea of solidarity in times of crisis.

During this period, many Singaporeans are stepping up to help those who are struggling — be it giving a treat to frontline workers or aiding individuals who lost their jobs due to Covid-19.

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Regardless of nationality and background, we can all do our part to contribute and help healthcare workers.


Let’s be more responsible citizens

Apart from staying at home, we can help by being gracious to people around you and trying to show kindness to those in need during this critical period.

We hope that this comic strip will inspire you to be a more grateful and responsible citizen during this outbreak.

Featured image adapted from Reddit