Construction Worker Helps Elderly Woman Push Trolley Across Bridge At Potong Pasir

It’s always heartbreaking to see elderly cardboard collectors who have to resort to such backbreaking work to make ends meet. Despite this, not everyone is willing to step up to render help when they’re in need of assistance.

S’pore Volunteers Track Down Elderly Lady After Viral Post, She Apparently Collects Cardboard To Pass Time

On Wednesday (6 Sep), a netizen shared about a recent episode at Potong Pasir involving a construction worker who helped an elderly woman with a trolley loaded with cardboard.

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Touched by the heartwarming sight, the netizen took pictures and posted them online while showering the worker with praise.

Construction worker assists elderly woman with trolley

On Wednesday (6 Oct), a member from the Good for you Singapore Facebook group shared about the encounter, detailed by another netizen.

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While passing by a construction site in Potong Pasir near St Andrew’s Junior College, the netizen witnessed a touching scene involving a worker and an elderly woman.

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The pair were apparently seen punishing a trolley filled with cardboard across what appears to be a bridge.


The netizen recalled that it was a particularly hot day and the worker was likely tired from his tasks. Yet, he volunteered to help the elderly woman with the tiring task.


According to the netizen, the worker was from Lian Beng Construction and hopes he will be duly commended for his deeds.

Netizens praise construction worker

Needless to say, netizens were touched by the gesture and lauded the worker in the comment section.


He certainly did a great job helping the elderly lady despite his labour-intensive tasks.


Props to the kind worker

It’s touching to see members of the public going out of their way to assist elderly cardboard collectors.

Kudos to the worker for his big heart and selfless gesture. We hope more residents will be inspired to render help to people in need of assistance.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.