Sleepy Crayon Shin-Chan Mouse With Blanket Reflects How We Feel Every Morning At Work

Sleepy Crayon Shin-Chan Mouse Loves To Nua In Bed While You Work

Not everyone is an early bird who starts the day feeling refreshed and re-energised. If you tend to feel sleepy in the morning, this quirky desktop accessory will echo your daily mood.

Just take a look at this Crayon Shin-Chan mouse, which features the cartoon character wrapped up in a blanket with a groggy look. Now does this not perfectly capture everyone’s struggle to get out of bed in the morning?

sleepy crayon shin-chan mouse

Source: Cozy Styler

Whether you’re a fan of the Japanese manga or not, you probably wish you could nua all day just like this — if only you didn’t have so many responsibilities.

Sleepy Crayon Shin-Chan mouse wrapped in blanket

Crayon Shin-Chan brings up fond childhood memories for kids who grew up in the 1990s. And, if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, you’ll also relate to this merchandise.

sleepy crayon shin-chan mouse

Source: Cozy Styler

The mouse, by Korean brand Babosarang, features the iconic manga character wrapped up in a cow-print blanket like a snug burrito.

sleepy crayon shin-chan mouse

Source: Cozy Styler

Interestingly, Crayon Shin-Chan’s huge eyebrows function as clickable buttons, while the scroll wheel is attached to the middle of his forehead. Perhaps tapping his eyebrows will help keep you alert while you work.

Source: Cozy Styler

Powering up the wireless mouse requires AA batteries, while you can connect it to your computer with a USB plug. When the device is not in use for 10 minutes, it’ll automatically shut down.

Source: Cozy Styler

The mouse is about 12cm in length and 6.5cm wide, making it just the right size for your palm.

Source: Cozy Styler

Available on Shopee Singapore

The Crayon Shin-Chan wireless mouse is available on Shopee Singapore and is priced at S$38. Cheeky mousepads with Crayon Shin-Chan’s backside as a wrist rest are also available at S$26.90.

Source: Shopee

These are definitely must-haves for fans who need cute office accessories to stay motivated throughout the day.

Feel less sleepy with Crayon Shin-Chan

Having an adorable Crayon Shin-Chan by your side could help you feel less sleepy when you report for duty at the office. Since there are many fans in Singapore, you should probably grab one while stocks last.

If you’re not quite feeling the design of this mouse, then perhaps this one, which features Crayon Shin-Chan lying on his stomach with a backpack, is more to your liking. Or maybe you’d like to consider these stickers with squishy butts.

Whatever you choose to get, here’s to cuter desks and happier days at work.

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