Crocodile Spotted In Lim Chu Kang Waters, It’s Probably Crossing Borders Like Us Too

Crocodile Apparently Spotted Swimming In Lim Chu Kang Waters Like A Wandering Tourist

Now that we can travel to and from the Causeway, it seems even predators are keen on doing the same after more than two years of travel restrictions.

On Thursday (28 Apr), Redditor u/Macystar uploaded a clip showing what appears to be a crocodile swimming in waters near Lim Chu Kang.

lim chu kang river

Source: Reddit

The background of the video apparently shows a neighbourhood in Malaysia, so perhaps it was trying to make its way across the Causeway like us hoomans.

Saltwater crocodile found in Lim Chu Kang

On Thursday (28 Apr), Redditor u/Macystar shared a clip apparently showing a wild saltwater crocodile in waters near Lim Chu Kang

From afar, the creature looked like a harmless piece of log floating on the water.

lim chu kang river

Source: Reddit

However, a closer look reveals that the ‘log’ is actually a massive crocodile.

lim chu kang river

Source: Reddit

Netizens suspect the background in the video was that of a neighbourhood in Malaysia, prompting further speculation on the reptile’s origin and intended destination.

While we can’t confirm those locations, it is amusing to think we are not the only ones crossing borders to the sights that other places have to offer.

Redditors joked that crocodile wants a belly rub

Many Redditors were fascinated by the sight and shared their opinions on the elusive predator.

This Reddit user identified the creature as an estuarine crocodile, also known as a saltwater crocodile.

lim chu kang river 3

Source: Reddit

Another netizen joked that the crocodile ventured near the boat as it wanted a belly rub.

Source: Reddit

Safe travels, Mr Croc

Just like us, it seems the crocodile wants to venture to enjoy the sights of faraway places. Here’s hoping it can travel safely while crossing the border.

That said, if you do encounter a crocodile in person, it’s advisable to back away and not provoke the reptile.

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Featured image adapted from u/Macystar from Reddit

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