Cyclist In Orchard Suddenly Swerves Into Right Lane, Alert Taxi Driver Brakes Just In Time

Cyclist In Orchard Swerves Into Right Lane & Falls After Taxi Brakes Abruptly

When driving, exercising precaution is paramount. After all, there are dozens of other vehicles like lorries, buses, and motorcyclists travelling along the same route.

A moment of recklessness or oversight could cause accidents to happen, some of which may turn fatal.

At around 10.42am this morning (28 Oct), a cyclist who was travelling in Orchard had dangerously swerved into the right lane. And it appeared that he did not check his blind spot either.

Thankfully, a cab driver who was travelling along the same lane managed to brake in time, avoiding a serious collision.

Cyclist in Orchard suddenly swerves into right lane

In a dash cam footage uploaded to, a cyclist was seen riding on the left side of the road along Clemenceau Avenue, before sliding into the middle lane.

Suddenly, he moved into the right lane without checking his blind spot as a taxi was right behind him.


Thankfully, the driver managed to react quickly and braked just in time to avoid a serious accident.


The brief contact probably shocked the cyclist, as he lost balance and tumbled onto the road.


Safe cycling on roads not observed

According to the Highway Code, the cyclist had violated several rules. They include:

  1. Not riding on the left-hand edge of the roadway
  2. Not keeping a straight course and making sudden swerves in and out of traffic
  3. Failure to maintain awareness of traffic
  4. Not slowing down to look out for other road users

Observe road rules to ensure safety for all

Given how brief the incident was, luckily the driver had quick reflex and braked in time, narrowly missing the cyclist.

We commend his swift reaction that prevented a serious accident from happening.

We hope that the cyclist is okay, and will remember to adhere to the rules next time he cycles on the road.

Road rules are in place to prevent accidents, and we hope all users will obey them to ensure everybody’s safety.

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