Tokyo House’s Wooden Doggo Stairs Are A Step Towards Inclusive Living

Much has been said about Japan’s penchant for keeping design clean, muted but functional.

For this house in the quaint Tokyo neighbourhood of Koganei, Midoricho — its typically zen exterior belies an empathetic invention to help 2 small residents get around a lot easier.


You may be able to spot who we’re talking about if you pay close attention to this next picture.


Netizens from across the globe have praised the thoughtful gesture as the album featuring the house quickly went viral on Monday (3 Aug).

We’ll take you on a virtual tour below, so you can peek into the lives of these smol but precocious puppers.

Looks like a regular house on the outside

The Japan home is located in the heart of Tokyo’s Koganei district, in the tight-knit Midoricho neighbourhood lined with similar quaint abodes.


Upon entering the house, you’ll be greeted with warm, earthy tones of wood furniture and teak-panelled flooring.


The outdoors yard is where 2 tiny doggos – adorably described as “short-legged” – usually hang out.


Now the question is, how do they climb to the second floor of the duplex house on those widdle paws?

Tiny doggo stairs for canine residents

Bearing these constraints in mind, pet owners will know how some animals struggle to climb up imposing steps within our homes and on outdoor hikes.


Seeking to make the journey upstairs a lot easier for their canine residents, the home boasts a parallel micro-tiered ramp right next to the main staircase.


This means being able to race down hearty meals in the kitchen in no time at all — arguably the highlight of every doggo’s daily routine.

Study nooks & naturally-lit bedrooms on upper level

Part of the minimalist or naturalist aesthetic that this inclusive doggo house follows is extended to the upper floors as well.


Little study nooks cinched by the seams to the bottom of the windows also act as chill areas for the puppers to enjoy a leisurely afternoon snooze in the warm sun.


As for the bedrooms, where the pair of puppers seem to have free roam, interior furnishings cleanly arranged to allow natural light to permeate the rooms via pull-out windows.


The final room on display is a book-filled study area, packed with 2 bicycles in storage and ample amounts of records.

Quaint & inclusive homes for the fur-mily

Bearing the design inspo from this story in mind, we can definitely aim to be more inclusive in our home designs to create nurturing environments for all residents.

Especially since they’re part of the fur-mily too.

Have you come across other inclusive home designs for our furry friends? Do share your experiences in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.