7 Dogs Up For Adoption Include Poodles, Dachshund & Maltese, Be Their Furever S’pore Families

Voices For Animals Has 7-Year-Old Dogs Looking For Homes In Adoption Drive

Not all doggos have the luxury of having loving hoomans caring for them. However, adoption drives present an opportunity for canines to find committed and loving households that they can spend the rest of their lives with.

Derrick Tan, President of animal rescue group Voices For Animals, recently shared that they have seven dogs up for adoption.

up for adoption

Source: Derrick Tan on Facebook

The dogs comprise breeds like poodles, dachshund, and maltese that are at least six years old.

Adoption drive has four poodles

Four poodles with seemingly friendly demeanours are among the dogs up for adoption.

Meet Duke, a male poodle who looks like the cutest doggo you’ll ever find with particoloured fur that looks like a mix of brownish grey and light orange.

up for adoption 1

Source: Derrick Tan on Facebook

Sharlet is a female poodle with a reddish mane. Much like Duke, she’s a master at playing and acting cute.

up for adoption 2

Source: Derrick Tan on Facebook

This good girl, Chloe, is a photogenic furkid with an adorable smile. Take her out for a walk and her silver coat will make passers-by stop and stare.

up for adoption 3

Source: Derrick Tan on Facebook

Some dogs look naturally relaxed, and Isa seems like a prime example. We imagine her owners will love playing and spending time with her during the weekends.

Source: Derrick Tan on Facebook

Dachshund, maltese & chihuahua dogs also featured at adoption drive

Prospective adopters can also find other dog breeds, including dachshund, maltese, and chihuahua featured as part of the adoption drive.

True to his name, Shortie is a smol mini long-haired dachshund. His black and tanned mane looks so majestic that its future owner will probably end up stroking and brushing it gently for hours.

Source: Derrick Tan on Facebook

If you long to have a white furball lurking in your home, check out Snowy. This female maltese looks like the ideal size for snuggling in your lap.

Source: Derrick Tan on Facebook

Smiley is a cream-coloured chihuahua with an infectious smile. Coming home to this female furkid will warm anyone’s heart.

Source: Derrick Tan on Facebook

Interested adopters should must answer questionnaire before meeting dogs

While these dogs may look cute, it’s important that prospective owners have the time and resources to care for them. After all, adopting a furkid is a serious commitment.

To guide their decision-making process, Mr Tan urged interested adopters to contemplate the following questions first:

  • Can they handle a dog that is not toilet-trained?
  • Can they cover the dogs’ medical needs if they feel unwell?
  • Can they cover their daily expenses such as grooming, diet, medical, training, and boarding (if they travel)?
  • Can they afford to apply for a license with authorities such as Nparks and AVS? This is a required task for all their adopted dogs.
  • Can they commit to the very end?

Mr Tan has listed 22 questions that interested parties should answer before sending their responses to his email at derricktan@vfa.org.sg.

Emails without answers to the 22-question survey will not be entertained.

Successful applicants will be informed via email. They will subsequently get an opportunity to meet the dog and participate in the next round of interviews.

Hope all furkids find good homes

Granted, many dog lovers want to welcome these adorable furkids into their home. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that adopting a dog is a huge responsibility.

We hope all seven dogs can successfully find furever families where they can live out their lives.

Know anyone who might be interested in adopting these dogs? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Featured image adapted from Derrick Tan on Facebook.

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