This Donnie Yen Doppelganger Makes Us Believe He Retired From Ip Man 4 To Sell Ice Cream

Indonesian Ice Cream Seller Is A Donnie Yen Doppelganger

We love to see the legendary Wing Chun master on the big screen but who knew that he had a twin that was a lot closer to home.

On Monday (13 Jan), netizen Abby Soekarno posted photos of an Indonesian man who looked like the exact replica of actor Donnie Yen.


The commenters later revealed that the mysterious doppelganger was Sjak Fo Phang who regularly posts pictures of himself beside the actor to prove their similarities.

The original post has since gone viral with more than 17,000 shares. Here’s what we know about Indonesia’s very own Ip Man.

Donnie Yen doppelganger reveals similarities

Mr Sjak Fo Phang is a street vendor from Indonesia.


We’re used to seeing Donnie Yen bulk up for all his epic fight scenes. If he had a younger-looking version, then we bet he’d look exactly like Sjak Fo Phang.


In case, you can’t tell the original Donnie Yen is on the right and his doppelganger is on the left.


You might’ve seen celebrity doppelgangers but we’re convinced that this man is Donnie Yen’s long lost brother.


He even posted a close-up picture of himself to prove that their facial features look alike.


While Sjak doesn’t have Donnie Yen’s rock-hard abs, we bet that learning the art of Wing Chun will make him look like the world-class actor.


Although he might not be dominating martial arts tournaments now, we never know what the future holds.

Potential for Ip Man 5?

Ip Man 4 which aired last December is the movie series’ finale. We’ll definitely miss the Wing Chun master, but we sure hope there could be an Ip Man 5 with this doppelganger.

Donnie Yen is usually in Hong Kong so long-time fans are hoping that his lookalike could drop by our city soon.

What do you think of this Donnie Yen doppelganger? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Facebook. 

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