Driver Turns CCTV Away & Allegedly Removes Gantry Arm In Parklane Mall, Authorities Urged To Intervene

Driver Caught Turning CCTV Away In Parklane Shopping Mall

As motorists, we should adhere to certain rules and regulations when using public facilities. Not doing so will cause us to get in trouble with the law — and earn the ire of netizens.

This was the case when a driver allegedly attempted to avoid parking fees in a carpark at Parklane Mall.

He was seen twisting a CCTV camera away and presumably forcing the gantry open.

Footage of his actions has since gone viral on social media, with many urging authorities to take action.

Driver turns CCTV camera away at Parklane Mall

According to the SG Road Vigilante Facebook video on 25 Nov, the incident occurred in Parklane Mall at 12.59am the same day.

In the footage, a man twists the CCTV camera up, pointing it away from his vehicle.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

The post claims that he also removed the carpark gantry arm to avoid paying for parking.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

During both instances, his companion tries to convince him to stop, but to no avail.

The OP alleges that the incident took place after the man and woman in question went drinking at one of the bars in the mall.

In addition, they revealed that the same vehicle has outstanding fines, which the driver has not paid yet.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

MS News has reached out to Parklane Shopping Mall management for comment.

Netizens urge authorities to intervene

The video has since become viral on Facebook. Many have called the man out for his actions, urging the authorities to intervene.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

A couple of users pointed out that in addition to avoiding fines, he also damaged public property.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

As such, he is liable for even more charges if authorities were to take action for his offences.

Another netizen suggested that he could have used public transport instead of taking such measures to avoid parking fees.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

Indeed, this incident reminds us that in the age of technology, our actions – be they legal or not – can be captured on CCTV.

Hopefully, other netizens will take note of this example and endeavour to abide by the regulations at all times.

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Featured image adapted from SGRV on Facebook.

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