Elderly Man Allegedly Asks To Stay Longer In Hospital Till He Can Care For Himself

For many who value family, looking after one another is essential, especially when your loved ones are unwell or of old age. Sadly for an elderly man in hospital, this wasn’t the case, forcing him to resort to requesting for a longer stay.

Despite having children of his own, he claimed that there was no one to care for him at home.

A man who overheard him saying that shared the incident on Facebook, appealing to all children to take care of their parents.

Man observes interaction between elderly patient & his children

Facebook user Kengy had observed the elderly patient in a local hospital, likely throughout his own stay there. Saddened by what he saw, he shared about it online on Tuesday (13 Apr 2021).


Over his 5-day stay, Kengy claimed that the elderly uncle’s daughter only visited once, and for less than 15 minutes.

His son-in-law, possibly her husband, who was also there, allegedly stood by without engaging in a conversation.

But it wasn’t just this scene that broke Kengy’s heart. What he overheard next compelled him to write the viral post.

Elderly man allegedly requests to stay longer in hospital

When the doctor informed the uncle that he could go home that same day, Kengy heard him ask if he could stay a day or 2 more instead.

After the doctor asked why, he allegedly explained that nobody would take care of him at home. Since he just had a major operation, he would need help to do things like getting up and going to the toilet.


Rather than hope for someone to help him, the uncle wanted to fully recover in hospital before he went home to care for himself.

In response, the doctor apparently only said “ok with a sad face”. Kengy didn’t elaborate on whether he allowed the patient to extend his stay.

Treat parents well while they’re still around

Perhaps crushed by what he saw, Kengy ended the post with a strong message to fellow netizens.

He remarked that those who don’t care for their parents have no right to cry or seek others’ sympathy once they are gone.

Hence, he urged people whose parents are still around to to treat them well while they still can.

Your parents are the one who gave you your life so please treat them well when they are still alive.

Have more compassion for our loved ones

No matter what issues that may come between parents and children, they did raise us and care for us in their own ways.

Repaying that kindness doesn’t take much — we should at least offer help in their time of need.

Let’s hope that the uncle eventually received the care he needed, and that he’ll reconcile with his children some day.

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