Parts Of S’pore Reportedly Flooded On 17 Apr, PUB Issues Warnings For 24 Locations

Ulu Pandan & Bukit Timah Reportedly Flooded On 17 Apr Following PUB Warnings

Update (17 Apr, 5pm): PUB has confirmed in a statement that flooding was observed along Dunearn Road and Ulu Pandan Canal. You may read their full statement below.

The recent spate of heavy rain, while a cooling relief, has brought massive downpours upon Singapore and our neighbouring countries.

Unsurprisingly, the phenomenon has reportedly left several areas flooded today (17 Apr 2021), following multiple flood warnings from PUB.

If you’re going to be out and about this weekend, consider this a reminder to stay safe in this weather.

Ulu Pandan flooded after earlier PUB warnings

As those who are out on their Saturday jaunts are bracing themselves against the downpour, some parts of Singapore are apparently facing no respite.

Facebook page Just Keep Thinking shared photos of Ulu Pandan at around 2pm today (17 Apr), which appeared to be heavily flooded.


Sources allegedly told them that water levels were so high, even buses couldn’t traverse the roads.


Though the scene was quite shocking, it actually corresponded with PUB’s earlier flood warning at 1.17pm.


At that point, the water level in the canal there had already risen to 100%, which translated to a “High Flood Risk”.

PUB issues 24 flood warnings on 17 Apr

Ulu Pandan likely isn’t the only location experiencing flash floods, considering that PUB had given warnings for a whopping 24 locations today.


With water levels reaching 90% in these areas, it makes sense that some would witness flash floods today.

A Twitter user shared that a section in Bukit Timah between Nexus and Sime Darby was partially flooded at 1.44pm today.


Indeed, that checks off against PUB’s list, which includes Bukit Timah Canal.

PUB confirms flooding at Ulu Pandan Canal & Dunearn Road

At around 4.30pm on Saturday (17 Apr) PUB issued a statement on Facebook confirming incidents of flooding at Ulu Pandan Canal and Dunearn Road.


According to them, traffic remained passable despite the higher water levels.

PUB deployed Quick Response Teams to the following locations to provide assistance to motorists and pedestrians:

  • Dunearn Road near Sime Darby Centre
  • Park Connector along Ulu Pandan Canal


Though much of Singapore experienced heavy rain today, the heaviest was in the West, between 12.25pm to 3.25pm.

Stay safe while you’re out & about

With the rainy weather unlikely to subside anytime soon, we’d advise bringing an umbrella with you whenever you leave the house, so you won’t be caught in the downpour.

Especially on days like today, seek shelter the moment you notice the skies turning dark or hear thunder rolling in the distance.

Surely you wouldn’t want to get wet on your day out. Stay safe out there, and take care.

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Featured image adapted from @jairsmits on Twitter.

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