Pair Of French Bulldogs Up For Adoption As Owners Plan To Relocate By Year-End

It’s not atypical for pet owners to treat their pets like family, and hence, the term pawrent was coined in recent years.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, a family has had to place 2 of their French Bulldogs up for adoption.


Misa and Nancy have to be adopted as a pair.

French bulldogs up for adoption due to unfortunate circumstances

According to a post on 1 Mar by Ms Tse in Facebook group Singapore Pet Adoptions & Rehomers, she is looking to for a forever home for her 2 french bulldogs.


The family will be relocating by this year-end.

Tragically, the designated country her family is relocating to only allows for one pet per passport — between her family, they’re only able to bring 2 dogs.

She is unable to bring Nancy and Misa with her as she has 2 other older doggos to care for.

Meet sweet duo Misa and Nancy

These 2 adorable Frenchie sisters have both been microchipped and sterilised.


Misa, the sable one, is an easy-going doggo. However, due to an allergy issue, she needs to have an injection every two months.


It truly will be hard saying no to a face like this.

On the other hand, Nancy, the black-and-white one, is an independent and sensitive doggo.


However, Nancy has a spinal condition and is currently on a supplement called “Antinol”.

More info if you’re interesting in adopting the sweet pair

Here are some important information to make note of if you’re interested in adopting Nancy and Misa:

  • The pair have to be adopted together
  • French bulldogs are not HDB-approved
  • Interested applicants must be able to take care of their medical fees
  • They are not suitable for family with small children
  • They are not able to live with other animals

For more information, click here. Note that you have to be in the group to view the post on Facebook.

Hope that Nancy & Misa will find their forever home

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a pet, much less 2 at one go.

Despite these unforeseen circumstances, we have no doubt Nancy and Misa will find their happily-ever-after in their next home.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.