Long Queues At Geylang Serai Market Due To Restricted Entry, Only 100 Allowed In At A Time

Geylang Serai Market Cordoned Off, Long Queues Form Due To Entry Restrictions

It’s day 2 of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period (8 Apr), and Singaporeans are still settling into the temporary new way of life.

All shops and businesses are physically closed except for essential ones, like food services and markets.

The essential services that are still open have strict social distancing and safety measures in place, which are absolutely necessary now, but causing disruptions while people get used to them.

Geylang Serai Market became a particular focus, as their new restrictions caused snaking queues around the area.


Only 100 people allowed into Geylang Serai Market at a time

According to a netizen’s Facebook post, the queues occurred due to the restrictive quota of people allowed into the market. Only 100 people were allowed in via a single entrance.


The sides of the building were blocked off with tape, and many stalls were closed as well.


According to Geylang Serai Market’s Facebook page, the operating hours are still as per normal.


It was a far cry from a typical day at the usually-lively market.


Netizens concerned for older patrons

Some netizens expressed concern for older patrons of the market, who would probably have trouble queuing for long periods of time.


They even advised ordinary patrons to bring along some form of entertainment, and a bottle of water to sip on to pass the time they would have to wait to enter the market.

Some felt that “young ones” should visit the market on behalf of the elderly, so they wouldn’t have to stand in the queue for so long, and potentially be exposed to germs too.

Learning to live with restrictions

These social distancing measures, and the ‘Circuit Breaker’ have definitely been disheartening to many, posing significant inconveniences to the entirety of Singapore as well.

Nevertheless, they are set in place for the greater good and we just have to learn to live with them, possibly for even longer than a month.

Temporary disruptions to our normal way of life like these are just a small price to pay to keep Covid-19 from spreading even further.

Singapore has definitely handled the situation well up until now. We just need to hunker down and keep vigilant for a while more to make sure we’re in the clear.

If your market has a long queue like Geylang Serai’s, perhaps going as a less busy time would be better. Here are other things you should take extra note of when you’re visiting markets in general.

Do remember to wear a mask out too, and to collect yours from your local community centre if you haven’t yet. Stay safe, and please stay at home.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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