Ghostly Figures Allegedly Spotted At Johor Checkpoint, People Joke It’s Why There’s No Jam

Commuter Allegedly Spots Ghostly Figures At Johor Checkpoint

UPDATE (7 June): The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) confirmed that the incident took place within Malaysia’s checkpoint premises, and not Tuas Checkpoint, as previously indicated. The article has been updated to reflect this.

At the land checkpoints between Singapore and Malaysia, the scariest thing a commuter can face is human and traffic jams.

However, a Facebook user recently spotted something paranormal at the usually crowded checkpoint.

Source: Facebook

As it turns out, another user also claimed that they spotted a figure on the ground floor near the gantries.

Clad in a flowing, white robe and long black hair that obscures its face, the ghostly figure in question appears to be the mythical Pontianak, a ghost of a woman who perished in childbirth.

Ghostly figures seen lingering at different locations in Johor checkpoint

On Saturday (3 June), a Facebook user shared about his alleged paranormal sighting at the checkpoint.

In the post, he gratefully reported that there was no jam that night. At first glance, one may think that he was simply expressing his elation at the situation, especially in light of the recent congestion at the Singapore-Johor crossings.

Source: Facebook

However, matching his caption with the photo, one could infer the OP’s suggestion that the clear traffic could be due to a ghostly figure hovering over the gantries.

Instead of being frightened of the apparition, the OP expressed that he was feeling excited.

Meanwhile, another Facebook user posted a different photo of a similar ghostly figure — this time standing watch near the gantries.

Source: Facebook

Its surroundings seemed to be completely empty, void of vehicles and even officers on duty.

When exactly these photographs were captured is unclear, and neither could we confirm their authenticity.

Commuters not bothered by ghostly apparitions

Some users seemed to doubt the legitimacy of the photos, joking that the ghost had a makeover and straightened its hair.

Source: Facebook

This could be because such ghosts tend to have rather dishevelled locks instead of neat strands.

Meanwhile, another Facebook user complimented its shorter haircut.

Source: Facebook

Seemingly unperturbed by the sight, one commenter quipped that he’s more afraid of customs officers forgetting to stamp his passport.

Source: Facebook

Based on the rather light-hearted response, it’s likely that many didn’t take the sightings seriously.

Validity of sightings unconfirmed

Looking at people’s reactions to the alleged ghostly sightings, it appears that many fear other things more at the checkpoint, like the hours-long congestions and missed stamping of passports.

Perhaps such incidents have jaded commuters beyond the point of being afraid of the paranormal.

Nevertheless, we can’t deny that these photos have piqued our curiosity.

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