S’pore Government Will Be Paying Hospital Bills In Full For Covid-19 Patients Admitted To Public Hospitals

Singapore Government Paying All Hospital Bills For Patients Of Covid-19

Going to the hospital is always a hassle. You have to queue for hours just to see a doctor for a 15-minute consultation.

It really makes you wonder how people who are suspected cases or confirmed cases of Covid-19 must feel. With the number of Covid-19 patients on the rise, hospitals must be getting incredibly busy and going to one is probably a nightmare.

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Fortunately, the government is helping to soften the blow of inconvenience by paying patients’ Covid-19 hospital bills.

In an article by The Straits Times (ST), the Ministry Of Health (MOH) announced that they would be paying Covid-19 patients’ hospital bills, provided they were treated in public hospitals.

Singapore government paying bills “in full”

All patients suspected of being infected must be admitted to a hospital “for public health reasons”. This is so they can be isolated and observed for symptoms, preventing further transmission of the Covid-19.

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Since this is mandatory, the government will be paying their hospital bills incurred “in full”, MOH responded to ST.

The coverage, however, does not include those who are treated at private hospitals. Outpatient treatment at polyclinics or general practitioners’ private clinics are not included either.

Since the government will only be paying for Covid-19 related treatment, patients may rack up other expenses caused by the coronavirus.

Luckily, those who hold insurance policies with Integrated Shield Plans can get additional coverage for those additional expenses.

You can check out ST’s article here for a more comprehensive breakdown of what your insurance may cover you for.

Insurance policyholders encouraged to seek consultation

Even if you’ve read ST’s article, you’re strongly encouraged to seek out your insurer for more clarity on the benefits and terms of the coverage.

In response to ST’s queries, the General Insurance Association of Singapore and the Life Insurance Association, Singapore responded,

Employers with group policies are also advised to review their group policy documents and engage their insurers about the coverage.

We, too, urge you to be clear on what you’re covered for by your insurance policies, in the event that you need it.

Visit a doctor if you’re showing symptoms

Knowing that all suspected cases must be admitted to a hospital for further check up, we should be cautious of our own physical conditions and seek medical assessment if anything seems off.

It’s best to be cautious during this period. We’re not just responsible for our own wellness — we’re dependent on each other to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

With the government covering your hospital bills, there’s nothing to lose, so please see a doctor if you feel the need to.

Otherwise, keep washing your hands with soap and keep vigilant until Covid-19 subsides.

Featured image adapted from AFP. 

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