S’pore Grab Car Filled With Star Wars Figurines, The Force Is Strong With This Ride

Singapore Grab Driver Decorates Car With Many Star Wars Figurines

Most of us book a Grab ride when we need to get somewhere fast. But imagine sitting in a Grab car filled with memorabilia from your favourite movie. If you like Star Wars, you will be thrilled to know that there’s a Grab driver who is a clear fanboy of the movie series.

Recently, Mr Leon Perera, a Workers’ Party (WP) member and Member of Parliament (MP) for Aljunied GRC, shared his recent experience in a Grab car that was full of Star Wars decorations.


Fans of the film went wild after seeing the post, with some saying that the Force is strong with this ride.

Grab car has rows of Stormtrooper figurines & talking Grog

On Wednesday (18 May), Mr Leon Perera enthusiastically took to Facebook to write about his unique Grab experience.

After getting into the car, he claimed that he was “greeted with a sight for sore eyes”.

The front of the car was filled with rows of Star War figurines, including characters such as Stormtroopers and BB-8.

Even the armrest pads were Star Wars-themed.

Upon a closer look, one will notice a small baby Yoda, aka Grogu, sitting comfortably at the front while facing passengers.

The figurine can apparently speak too — Mr Perera shared that he received an “audible greeting from Grogu”.

Highly satisfied with his Grab experience, he thanked the driver for making his day and said that it “warms the cockles of my (his) heart” whenever he meets people who “inject a bit of cheer and humour into their work” even when “life is not always easy”.

Other riders said it was the “best ride ever”

Many netizens, most of whom appear to be Star Wars fans, couldn’t help but feel extremely excited.

Source: Facebook

Many also quipped that the Force is strong with this Grab ride — a Star Wars reference meaning that the ride holds many powers.

Source: Facebook

A few riders who later remembered taking this Grab also commented that they had a positive experience with the driver.

Source: Facebook

Some even said that it was the “Best ride ever”.

Source: Facebook

Mr Perera’s fellow WP member Jamus Lim also commented that the driver’s efforts warm the cockles of his heart too. Mr Perera, in response, jokingly wished for the Force to be with him as well.

Source: Facebook

May the Force always be with the driver

Usually, a punctual and safe ride is enough to make us satisfied. However, little things like this will surely make it a ride to remember.

The driver’s passion and creative efforts have most definitely brought many smiles and much joy to his passengers.

For those who love Star Wars, or are simply curious about this Grab car, we hope that they will soon come across this driver.

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Featured image adapted from Leon Perera on Facebook.

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