Grandstand Site At Turf City Likely Transforming Into Residential Area After 2023

Due to limited land space, the Government has had to redevelop many areas around Singapore.

One such area will be the Grandstand site at Turf City, which the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) addressed in a joint media statement yesterday (30 Sep).

They mentioned that all tenants at the Grandstand have to move out after 2023 as the site has been safeguarded for future residential use.

Turf City site safeguarded for future residential use

On Thursday (30 Sep), SLA and URA announced that the Grandstand site at Turf City has been slated for residential use.

Apparently, this idea has been around since Singapore’s 1998 Master Plan, following news of the Turf Club’s relocation to Kranji in 1993.


There are currently 15 tenants at Turf City across various industries like F&B, sports and recreation, childcare centres, and motor vehicle showrooms.

While their tenancies were due to end on 31 Dec 2020, SLA and URA have granted them multiple extensions.

Tenants of Grandstand to move out by 2023

An initial 18-month extension prolonged their tenancies till 30 Jun 2022.

However, the SLA granted a final one till 31 Dec 2023 after considering the lead time they need to plan for preparation works. Tenants thus have till then to find a new location.

The Bukit Timah Saddle Club (BTSC), unfortunately, has to return 0.8ha of its boundary from the first half of 2023 as SLA requires a worksite to support tunnelling works for the Cross Island Line.


SLA has promised to work closely with BTSC to ensure minimal disruption to their business operations.

Sad to see the Grandstand go

After serving as a site for many events and shops, seeing the Grandstand go is sad.

Nevertheless, we trust that the tenants will find ways to keep their businesses alive.

Hopefully, SLA and URA’s help will suffice, and we look forward to exciting new developments when the time comes.

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Featured image adapted from Centre for a Responsible Future.